Happy Birthday Braidy!

Braiden Birth to Two Years! from Heather Jones on Vimeo. ...more

Deep Conversations With A Three Year Old

In the mornings I have some of the best conversations with J. He is smart. I know I know, every parent thinks their kid is smart. But J truly is smart. He's three and is on his way to reading four, five, six letter words in the next few months..... But putting that aside. He's just too cute sometimes. Here's this morning's conversation....more

The Last Firsts...

I nursed both of my boys for a year each. Now I have weaned my sweet Baby B and its a little bittersweet. ...more

Babies Love Cat Food, The Second Time Around Too!

Title catch your attention? Well it should. This was a big parenting fail. A couple nights ago Hunky Hubs and I were sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed. We were grabbing our things...phones, tablets, tea, stuff to haul upstairs so we could lay in bed and play words with friends with each other and Hunky Hubs notices on the floor about five feet from the cat food bowl that the cat had thrown up....more

So Thankful For This Life!

So Thankful For This Life! on: ...more

Breast Feeding: Not as Easy as Just Whipping out the Boob.

While I haven't ever considered myself a know it all when it comes to breastfeeding, I am by no means a newbie on the subject. I breastfed my oldest son for a year, but he had bad acid reflux, I mean bad acid reflux that didn't go away until he was nine months old. Now with my second son I have been determined to make breastfeeding a pleasant experience for both of us and to do whatever I can to minimize his reflux as much as possible. Thankfully he is on a reflux medication, but of course it doesn't always help. ...more