The Unofficial BlogHer Stay-At-Home Spouse Survival Manual

Hear that groaning and moaning? It's a long, low whine coming from husbands all over America as they realize that they get to watch the kids for a night or two - or even three - while the wives are away at the BlogHer ’09 conference in Chicago. ...more

Green Blogger Seeking to Buy Conference Ticket

Hi, I'm Lynn from and the Green Moms Carnival. I didn't think I could make it to BlogHer this year, so I didn't register, but my fortunes changed and now I'd love to go. Please let me know if you have a ticket to sell. Thanks! I'm in the DC area if that makes a difference. Please email me at organicmania at gmail dot com By the way, I'm hoping to take Amtrak out to the conference. Anyone else interested in joining me? Thanks so much! Lynn ...more

Yes, Susan, thanks so much! I'd love to...


I will also try to reach you ...more