Elf on the Shelf, love it or hate it?

Debbie lynn ramblingsbydebbie.BlogSpot.comI read a variety of blogs containing all types of subject matter. I read decorating blogs(props to you guys, such hard work), motherhood blogs, blogs from women in my age group, and writing blogs. I have different interests, like everyone, so I read a little of this and a little of that.What has become completely fascinating to me and seems to be traveling across blog boundaries everywhere, is the infamous Elf on the Shelf controversy. I actually hesitate to capitalize his name, it seems to give him too much importance!...more

computer day at day camp

Well, another cold day. Light jackets for our morning trek to day camp. Dog and all. It is three miles round trip, so I figure if I do nothing else the rest of the day (exercise wise), then I did the one thing that mattered. Good for the 90 pound dog, also. Anyway, during both my med trips to camp, the kids were indoors and mostly in the computer labs of the school. While giving my son his mid afternoon meds, I noticed he was a bit on the twitchy side. I am thinking he had spent a good part of the day on a computer. I asked him to come home early today....more

the dentist and more rain

More appointments today. Dentist this time. Still, very far away. Sigh. Driving in the rain again since that seems to be all it does every day! And cold. I was tempted to turn the heat on for a while it was so damp and cold. My daughter has huge sensory issues, so the dentist is a really tough visit for her. I still brush her teeth for her, she would not be able to coordinate that real well, and she hates the entire process. We have tried every toothpaste for kids that I could find and have finally hit on one that she will at least tolerate....more

she is amazing

Major storms on and off all day today. Of course it was a day when the kids had doctor appointments an hour and a half away. I am definitely not a good bad weather driver. I get very panicky. The doctor is going to change my daughter's medication due to her extreme weight gain. This new one should help with the voices without the side affect of such an extreme weight gain. She is small, so carrying so much extra weight on her frame isn't good for her heart. She was so disapointed when he told her he can't make the voices completely go away....more

just another day

Another weekend past. The kids' dad stood them up for their Saturday visit. Calling at the last minute to say he was sick. Please. After 17 years it amazes me he would even try that excuse again. I started to get angry and then realized it wasn't worth the emotional effort. It would change nothing and only wears me out. Strong emotions are so very draining. The weather is wierd again. Rain on again, off again. Very tired of that. My daughter and I went for our weekly trip to the library today while my son was at camp. She loves books, a great thing I think....more

meds and weight gain

So the first full week of summer vacation is complete. So far, so good. Hope I didn't just jinx myself! The weather has finally realized it is summer and my daughter and grandson spent the entire afternoon in the pool! My son is loving day camp and all was right with the world. Sigh. You have to have those days. My daughter and I have been doing some fun "alone" things that she enjoys and her brother probably would not. We have been to the library(she loves books!)and out to lunch a couple of times. It is so nice to have one child at a time now and then. Just feels special....more

shakin' off the blues and lovin' day camp

Well, today is a new day. Yesterday's depressing mood has to leave. I will allow myself to wallow for only one day in an "oh poor me" mood. They don't solve anything, don't change anything, and definitely don't make me feel any cheerier. Things always hit me harder in the summer as the endless hours and days of just me and the kids with no other outlet starts to get to me. On a positive note, my son is doing awesome so far at the day camp. Since I have to be there twice during the day to give him meds, I am getting a pretty clear idea of how it is all going....more

today i write as a grandmother

Today I write as a grandmother. My very pregnant daughter-in-law and I were chatting on the phone about her latest doctor appointment when she gingerly broached the subject of my babysitting after their second child is born. I have cared for my grandson frequently since his birth a few years ago. His mother wanted to finish getting her degree and then went to work. Her mother and I mostly were able to juggle him back and forth so he was always with family....more

schools and special needs

I was asked a particular question at a job interview today. As I answered, I thought this is what any aide or teacher at school needs to really understand. When working with Special Needs children, one if not the most important thing to know is "Respect the Disability." I have found that many people will acknowledge that, oh yes, so and so does have Autism, or FAS, or is Bi-Polar, or whatever disability, but still, they should do thus and so. I make it clear whenever talking to anyone new who is dealing with my children. You must respect the disability....more


Lori Werhane


who took summer?

So the first 48 hours of summer vacation were filled with rain, fifty degree weather, and a very covered up swimming pool sitting there laughing at us. Of course, the last few days of school would be filled with days so extremely hot that we could barely breath only to wake up the first two home days to rain, cold, and having to stay indoors. Sigh. This afternoon we went to McDs. It is a place I save for a day like today. The indoor playground simply had to be invented by a mom. As I drove, I started to wonder how many mothers had the same idea I did for today. Apparently, quite a few....more