The Shaman of Port Authority

lynnbraz I stand in front of Port Authority in New York, bundled in fleece and faux down, scarf wrapped up to my chin, clutching a Starbucks, contemplating how to kill two hours before my flying trapeze classes. An older woman approaches me. She’s tiny and slightly stooped, her auburn hair’s gray roots in need of attention ....more

The Game of Life

lynnbraz Mark left when the snow arrived. He’d shown up in Scranton last spring, his California tan ruddied from his time on the streets, his hard luck story on a constant loop. Each week he bore a new battle wound: his arm in a cast, his neck in a brace, a sprained ankle, a bum knee ....more

Inspiration: Writing

lynnbraz Inspiration—Origin: Middle English (in the sense “divine guidance”); via Old French from Late Latin. Literally, in spirit. My favorite piece of my writing—a poem—sucks ....more

The Cutest Dog in the World FAQ

lynnbraz Life with the cutest dog in the world—JuJu—comes with drawbacks. The cutest dog in the world tends to attract a lot of attention. Out on walks, everyone wants to greet him, pet him, ask questions about him ....more

My Twitter Crush

lynnbraz A new follower on Twitter intrigues me. I’m a discerning Twitter follower. Just because you...more

If Gemma Teller Were on Instagram

lynnbraz “You never heart my posts on Instagram,” a dear friends complains. “I heart you in person,” I counter, perplexed. “I heart the hell out of you.” I think of the many ways I heart her, ways that are thoughtful, meaningful, filled with love and admiration ....more

Happy Thanksgiving

lynnbraz When a friend and I trekked in the Indian Himalayas a few years ago, the two words we most frequently uttered were thank you. Thank you, porters, for pitching our tent. Thank you for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner ....more

Singapore’s Changi Airport

lynnbraz Singapore’s Changi Airport is not just another airport. It is a destination onto itself. It’s Oz, the Emerald City, minus the wizard and witch ....more

Farewell Flying Trapeze Catcher

Evan, not looking as thrilled with me as I am with him. Last May, I stood aloft on the trapeze platform at Circus Warehouse...more

Thanksgiving: Feeling Grateful

November has always been the toughest month of the year for me. In the Northeast, where I grew up and now live, November heralds cold weather, shrinking daylight, bare trees. When I lived in San Francisco, November rang in the rainy season, it meant walking dogs during downpours, befriending mud ....more