There’s going to come a day when he will ask you – to help him with…his make-up

Sunday.  October 18, 1992.  Buffalo, NYDear Diary.  Or, should I write…’Dear Lynne, so ten years from now it could be a letter to my older self.”  Okay. Start over....more

Why I Want to be a Mommy Blogger

People ask me “Why do you read Mommy Blogs, you’re not a Mom?”  My answer is usually “I don’t read them – I stalk them.”  Figure that’s one way to shut them up.  Actually I have a weird fetish for them.  And no, I’m not a Mom.  But, I used to be.  And yes, this post will probably bring a tear to your eye but I promise,it will make you smile too...Being a Mom is an experience one will never forget.  I was blessed with a son Tommy who gave me 5 years of indescribable – Love.  Then God blessed me again by allowing me to be there to hold him in my arms until Cancer took him and then God…took over.  Not everyone gets the chance to say...more

Why is a Naked Fairy Godmother Giving Directions?

Opened up a nice Chardonnay from Atwater Vineyards of Finger Lakes, NY and started to reminisce through my journal.  What a perfect pairing…NOTES FROM MY JOURNAL - date:  April 23, 1992...more

How do I handle awkward?

Lynne Houston - 'Life as a Mortician's WifeOne question I get the most is "What do I say to people who are asking too many quesions or their saying hurtful things when I know they love me?"  ...more

Soft Spoken Flowers for Outspoken Ladies

Several years ago while cleaning out a desk in a Virginia funeral home – I came across a envelope marked “Favorite Flowers of the First Ladies”.   A few months ago I found the copy folded in my journal and decided to share them with you… ...more