Hillary, When Do You Stop?

Many people speculate that Hillary Clinton is planning to run for president.  I don’t think so.I think the fact that she’s letting her hair grow long is an announcement, conscious or otherwise, that she’s transitioning away from public service. She has plenty of power, plenty of interests. She could have an amazing retirement....more

After 50, No Positive Milestones?

If you're post-menopausal and (one hopes) female, you've probably got at least as many years left as the number you spent raising your kids. Men, a little less but still plenty. What milestones might you be looking forward to in this, the second half of your one precious life?Here's what the culture tells you to expect:...more

Do Appearances Matter?

In this article, Ellie Williams says New York police have started warning girls with too-short skirts that they could attract sexual predators....more

Are Older Women Really Invisible?

I keep hearing that we older women become invisible, but I don’t know if I believe it.I think invisibility is like a new car: once you buy it, you see that model everywhere.Recently I read a post wherein an older woman (OW) claimed to be invisible because, while she stood at a counter talking with a clerk, a younger woman came up and got the clerk’s attention. And this happened on two occasions! The OW was greatly offended....more

Is The American Dream Dead?

A few days ago on Morning Joe, the CEO of Gallup (the polling company) expressed surprise, if not dismay, that the American Dream has changed. According to polls, Americans no longer define the Dream as "peace, a home and family, religious freedom..." Now, they long for "a good job." I am not kidding....more

I Don't Know How She Does It - Busy Woman Melissa Foster Shares Her Tips

Melissa Foster is the busiest and most productive person I know, and she is a joyful spirit. She is an author, artist, mentor, motivator and mother of six (!), and I wanted to know how she does it. What do her days look like? How does she motivate herself, keep track of everything, and maintain work/life balance? In spite of all her other activities, Melissa was kind enough to answer my questions....more

Controlling My Negativity

You try not to be negative, but here's a news flash: the human brain is built for negativity! It's a survival skill....more

Poor Jane Fonda. Poor Us.

Jane Fonda just got plastic surgery, and on one level that's her...more