Gluten Free Caramel Filled Brownie Bites with Buttercream

So you know that gluten free brownie mix I posted the other day? Well, it is fabulously delish, so we made a million brownies, because I had to make sure everyone liked it, didn’t I?These gluten free caramel filled brownie bites with buttercream frosting are the real deal, folks. Chewy and fudgy and I had a bag of Kraft Caramels, so I had to take them over the top, because that’s how I roll....more

Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Icing

Yep. You heard that right! Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Icing! Plus some green onion sprinkles …and a filling made of mozzarella cheese....more

Gluten Free Instant Pancake Mix Recipe

I love pancakes, don't you? Buttery and smothered in maple syrup just can't beat them in my humble opinion. Pancakes!...more

Super Spud Potato Bake

Super Spud Potato Bake, a take on the original Pizza Express beauty, this buttery, cheesy delight is easy to make and oh so delicious!When I moved to New Lebanon, there was a pizza place in Brookville that I fell in love with, not because of the pizza, but rather this “Super Spud” dish that I simply could not get enough of. Honestly! I used to order two of them, one to eat that night and another to warm in the oven for lunch the next day. It was so addicting that when I called one day and their phone had been disconnected, I was crushed....more

Getting Derailed

I haven’t published any posts this week, and it’s already Thursday. My intention is to do at least two or three recipes a week, hopefully even more as time goes on. This week I got derailed.I got what we like to call “glutened,” and I have been sick for days. My kitchen is safe, and by that I mean there is literally no gluten there. There are no contaminated pans, spoons – nothing. I can eat and cook and not worry about making myself sick....more

Hubs has his own hashtag now! #5wdan

I gave my hubs his own hashtag today. I figured that he was so funny - I wanted to share. Everyone deserves a good laugh!From now on - when you see #5wdan - it stands for "5 Seconds with Dan" and is a quote or observation made by my husband. It's too good to keep to myself!!Lynne Marie...more

Say My Name Say My Name Contest!

After taking classes for photography, I have begun taking pictures and doing weddings! Yay!Now, I just need a name for my new business! I am giving away a free custom blog design (Thesis or Genesis child theme) to anyone who can come up with an anwesome name for me! The only rules? Must not contain my name or my business name (Visual Serendipity) - I am having such a hard time coming up with it that I am willing to give away an awesome child theme for it!  ...more