Celebrating My Friend's Last Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I did something I’ve been putting off for months and months. I called a friend who is dying. We lost touch about 10 years ago when I moved out of the area, his marriage fell apart and all those ties that bound us were broken. I’ve thought about him many times over the years and, well, you know how it goes. Life gets busy....more
I love that last line: Oh god oh god life is short live it like you mean it. So wonderfully ...more

Pet Corner: The University of Lucy

In the University of Lucy, I am but a humble student. The lessons are pure and simple and as powerful as anything I've learned from the likes of Ghandi, even Oprah. At U of L, every day is an opportunity for a new insight, a life-changing concept and especially, a nap. Lucy and I found each other through a local rescue group. A corgie/doxie mix, she’s a little dog with a huge heart who surely knows what life is all about. ...more
Omg, tears! Of happiness that Lucy's okay ; - ) I know what you mean about them leaving before ...more

Why I'm Celebrating Valentine's Day This Year

I have friends who simply hate, hate, hate Valentine's Day. We all know why, so I won't go into it. I haven't exactly dreaded Valentine's Day in years past as much as dismissed it. It was a day that had nothing to do with me, like Chanukah or Dia de los Muertos. But this year is different. This year there is JW. ...more

I love DJ's post! Love shared ... more

BlogHer.com Conferences Relaunch: A Holiday Poem

The relaunch of our BlogHer.com Conferences section is big news around here. Isn't it pretty!!!??? As a thank you to the awesome people who made it so, I wrote a little poem I hope you will enjoy ......more

Lynn, this little ditty is kind of amazing. And the new conference site looks beautiful!more