Cinnamon Rolls for the New Year


Holiday Recipe Collection

  Broccoli smiles and food literacy.  Amber Stott  has lots to smile about these days ....more

This Plum is Worth a Visit


Pears & Pomegranates & Figs

Sneak peak at what’s happening with a bag full of pears and last of the figs. ...more

Walnut Fig Bread for Fall

Nuts ....more

The Art of Dumpster Diving

I was a junior in college.  Taking a full load, working, and trying to make time for exercise and a boy friend.  That was just as hard as trying to make ends meet.  I was on my own, I was paying for school but one thing I wasn’t paying for was certain food.  Yes, I’m guilty, I was a dumpster diver.  ...more

Fig and Goat Cheese Fougasse Recipe


A Sandwich for California Food Literacy Month