Read your coffee grounds? One of the best skills I ever learned

I onced worked for an abusive boss as a waitress, but despite the fact that he treated us like crap, I did learn a few things.  I learned that people are the nastiest when the are dining out, that you cant yell at the cooks, even when they are wrong and stoned out of their gourd.  That for 70% of food prep workers, their social security number is F-R-M M-E X-I-C-O, and that you don't need to be a certified bar tender to mix cocktails.  I picked it up fairly quickly.  In the three months i worked there, I learned every wine we sold and its taste, and I learned to mix up anything from a ...more

Eating poor, even in America

With rising food costs, it is more important than ever to budget the food bill.  Today, my fiancee and I live on roughly $100 in food each month.  With our earnings, at times, it still is more than we could afford, but starvation is not a viable option.  This month, with my fiancee having to pay the $100 we would usually spend on food on income taxes (he was $8 over the lowest bracket, and o instead of getting $400 back, he was required to pay $150.  All that for $8, and we must scrimp in the meantime.  Thank you Uncle Sam.) Roughly what this buysat he grocery as follows: ...more

Zombi America

Zombis Yes, you read it right.  Out of Vodoun.  One of the most feared and loathed states to which a human being can fall, and one of the vilest practices a bad Hougan, corrupted mambo, or terrible bokor can perform upon a soul. They ain't dead.  Truth be told, as they would say it, their soul has been stolen so the body just does whatever its master tells it.  Now, even the anthropologists can tell you some of the ingredients to the potions used, if you'd like, it usually will involve blood and various toxic herbs and poisons from various animals.  ...more

Government dress codes, and the nature of antichrist

Ok.  This is a two pronged blog about things that have been annoying me.  First off, lapel pins.  Old hat news, but I keep hearing about it every day from right wing jackboots, so here I go:  my take on lapel pins. The idea of lapel pins is utterly, blindly unpatriotic, and also utterly, blindly unamerican.  Th following two things are listed under things never to do wit the flag in Public Law 94-344, known as the Federal Flag Code (taken from ...more

Retreat? Defeat? Victory? Excuse me?

I am going to try to keep this one short so bear with me.  Please remind this twenty something.  Did we or did we not announce victory in iraq in 2005?  This is one Hell of a march home if you ask me.  So, you go in there, drag out a despot, and lo and behold, W, it turns out that daddy was right about Iraq.  He knew quite well that doing a war like this would mea that the uS would essentially have to "Rule" Iraq once Saddam was removed.  So, you claim the Iraquis need to have a stable government before we leave, and yet you let them laze about in putting it together, making ...more

The point I was trying to make before I got sidetracked is that the republican mantra of ...more

Republican Wrong

Whatever happened to center line politics?   The Democrats and the Republicans both are polarized  to each end of center, and on each side they claim that the other is extreme.  I do wonder what H.W. ...more

blogGate--gate construction

SoooOn to my next topic, which is about gates.  No, I am not talking gates like you'd expect.  I am talking about Watergate.  I wasn't even alive for all that, but in modern terms it seems to me that Watergate is the hallmark for political corruption.  Lately it has become rather silly, as you take out the water and attach whatever you wish and it becomes a scandal.  ...more

Living with Libra Man Part 1: The perfect match? plus driving

Maybe you might ind it a one in a million match, but here it is. I am an Aries, my fiancee just happens to be a libra. Oh it hasn't been perfect in total, you know, but overall, sometimes, I just have to step back and laugh. I think I will make this a short series if I can, anecdotes and all. I used to joke about how these things were uncannily accurate--at least in how the descriptions of the persons are, even if these persons swear up and down that they are not similar to the descriptons. SO anyway, I have a few highlights. ...more