I Am Inconsequential

When my daughter was little, my husband and I foolishly believed that what we did mattered. We “sleep trained” her. We “taught” her to eat vegetables, clean up and have some modicum of manners ....more

The Pie That Loved Me

Disclaimer. I am not a food blogger. I am much too lazy and food blogging is hard ....more

All The Things I’m Going To Do With My Free Time When School Starts

School starts in two weeks and both kids will be going two days a week. That’s right, the baby and the three-year-old will be out of the house and with others two days a week for four hours each day. That means I will have eight hours a week all to myself ....more

How To Be A Perfect Mother

In order to be the perfect mother,* you must do absolutely everything you can for your child. But not everything because if you do, then you are setting them up for failure in life and ruining the future of America. Of course, if you don’t do everything for them, you are completely selfish ....more

Mutually Assured Destruction

Halfway through our vacation, my husband and I lay awake in our hotel room, listening to the sounds of the rowdy 10 year old boys down the hall. It was 10 and we had been on the cusp of sleep for the past 40 minutes, always yanked back to consciousness by a loud crash or the muffled voice of a tired parent telling everyone to just “Be still for godsakes!” I sighed and Dave said, “You can’t say anything.” “I know, I know.” “Because our kid will just be up at five.” “And he will be screaming. I know ....more

About A Birthday

This weekend we celebrating JQ’s birthday. We themed the party with his favorite things–BBQ ribs, dirt and bouncing. I even got a little bounce house and my friends all told me, very kindly, but firmly that I had become that person ....more

Doing Things With Kids

Doing things with kids is the worst. Not all the time, of course,...more

Linkedy. Link

I haven’t been blogging as much lately, because one of the sites I used to write for, BabyZone, was consumed by the beast that is Disney....more


Last week, we came home from vacation,...more

Go, You

Even though I usually run five times a week and it’s a big part of my life, I don’t write much about running. It’s hard to write about running without being annoying. Without bragging ....more