Sucky is the New Awesome

I recently read a post that 'helped' me to determine if my blog content sucks. I try to take articles like this with a grain of salt. They often say the same thing: 'be the expert in your field', 'be useful', 'offer something no one else does.' It's just not always possible. As a Mom Blogger (or Mommy Blogger - I have no issue with the term) I just don't really fit within the realm of traditional blogging advice. Be the expert: In what? Diaper changing? Cleaning up puke? Macaroni and cheese?...more

Kid Food?

“Mom, do you remember the time you gave me a Hoodsie cup for breakfast?” Crap. “Yes, I do. Why do you ask?” “Because that was yummy and fun. Can I have a Hoodsie for breakfast tomorrow?” “No.” “Well, I won’t eat anything else.” And so began my night....more

My Name is LZ, and I'm an Internetaholic

Once the girls are in bed for the night and the house is reasonably picked up, the first thing I reach for is my laptop. I need to check in, moderate comments, read blogs, return comments, read the celeb gossip, and a multitude of other vital tasks. It is always usually met with an eyeroll from J. “I just got home, do you really need to be doing that right now?” Uh…yeah. My ‘work’ day just ended, and I want to unwind. 3 hours later, he has left the room. Is he still ...more

Especially no. 11  ;-)


Housework is Mean

I’m a pretty bad house cleaner. Not that I can’t do it, but I often don’t. Our shelves haven’t been dusted in a while, our refrigerator is growing its own food, and it usually takes a ‘funky’ smell to push me into certain chores… One chore I hate above all others is mopping. I think there was a span of more than 6 months that our floors did not see a mop. I was ok with that. If something spilled, I wiped it up, if there was some sort of gummy substance, my Clorox wipes did the trick. Not today. ...more

My dilemma is this, it always seems like there so much to do.  I have to mop, dust, wash this ...more

I'll have to check my Toddler's schedule...

When I was a kid, I played outside. I went out my front door and found someone to play with. No one was home? I didn’t like who was around? Then, tough for me…I had to amuse myself. I don’t ever recall my mother stressing over us not having fun plans for me with my friends. Even in the days before I was able to play outside alone, I played with my cousins and my toys. Those were my friends. Mom took me to visit her sister, and we played. I went to preschool, but there were never any dates set up with those moms. Why? I don’t know about you, ...more

Alone Time is a Girl's Best Friend

When J and I were dating and even early in our marriage, before kids, I hated his xbox like a jealous girlfriend. “Do you you mind if I play a quick game?” was usually met with rolling eyes and a “No, it’s fine” that, even to the thickest of men, would have been quite obvious that, yes, I minded tremendously. ...more

Funny. Although in our home it is cable television.  And like you I am ok if Sprots Center is ...more

A Confession

These days, being the ‘Imperfect Mom’ seems to be so fashionable…from blog and Twitter names to bumper stickers, to t-shirts if you’re truly daring (is ‘daring’ the right word?) It’s cool (and fun) to admit one’s inability to clean, cook, and be domestic in general. I do it, I love moms and blogs that are devoted to lack of skill in the kitchen and laundry room…but, you know what? I really wish I could cook, and wish I kept up the perfect house. ...more

It sounds very familiar and you're an excellent writer..LOLmore

Who wants to read the good stuff?

I would not be so quick to frequent a blog that only talked about how perfect the kids were, how well mom cooked from scratch, how clean and beautiful the house is, how unfrazzled she is at the end of the day…Sure, I like those stories, but if I have a bad day, or am making dinner from a box or cleaning the crayon from my entire floor, or changing the 3rd blowout of the day, or ready to pull my hair out for a variety of reasons, those posts just will NOT make me feel better. I need the kids in bed, a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and a calm mind to dig into those beauties… ...more