Eden Kennedy's Top Five Reasons for Joining November's NaBloPoMo

Q: Why should you post your precious thoughts to the Internet every day for the month of November? A: SO MANY REASONS and some of them even make sense. ...more
Since i joined NaBloPMo I've blogged almost every day. I need some help attracting readers, ...more

Join BlogHer's NaBloPoMo to Polish Your Blogging Skills

If there's one thing creative people agree on it's that the more you do something, the better you get at it. If you want to be a better writer, you have to write; if you want to be a better blogger, you have to post. And one way to break down the barriers between thinking about writing and actually doing it is by posting every day for a month. ...more
I am going to enjoy this. November is my Birthday month as well so this will be interesting.more

13 Passwords That Hackers Will Never Guess!

The world is full of people relying on easy-to-memorize passwords that they can use every time they feel the urge to look at terrible (but free!) pornography or comment on photos of adorable kittens, and the security breach revealed just how unimaginative we, as a planet of password-choosers, really are. Analysis of Gawker’s list of most-used passwords reveals our collective lack of concern with security. If you use any of these passwords, replace it immediately with one of the suggestions on the right. ...more

Also, don't use the name of the site...

A friend sent me a password to something once, and I ...more

"The Freebie" and Its Bizarre Self-Help-for-Swingers Web Site

Don't tell the pope, but today -- Friday, September 17 -- is (unofficially) National Freebie Day. The producers of the new film The Freebie -- about a long-married couple who decide to give each other a free pass so that they can each have a fling with someone else -- would like to give married folk everywhere permission to tuck a condom in their pocket and go hit the bars in search of whatever it is they don't have at home. ...more

There may be something to it.. Getting some strange as it were is sex you can't get with your ...more

What Not to Wear: Tween Edition

It was then I realized that his father had become responsible for buying every hip thing in my son's wardrobe. Somewhere along the line between those ironic onesies I used to buy from the Gap sale rack and the half-size Ray Bans his father discovered make Jackson look like a rock star, I had been usurped. My authority no longer extended any further than school uniform purchases and maintenance, but shopping had become a Man Sport for father and son, a new way to bond. ...more

We've recently had a bit of a tween clothing dilemma of our own: training bras! Oh the joys of ...more

Green Sleeves

Surfers are like the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to testing ocean health, so it follows that the surf community is often on the leading edge of both youth and green retail. Granted, the average shopper in the eighteen-to-twenty-four demographic is probably not in the market for a nontoxic board form, but buyers looking for the latest in eco-hip, from bamboo skateboards to recycled plastic board shorts, found those things and more at last month's ASR (Action Sports Apparel) trade show in San Diego, California. ...more

Bigshot Newspaper Tells Half the Story, Film at Eleven

Today's NewYork Times carries this story (site requires registration) about the lengths a Colorado woman has gone to protect herself from the assault of environmental toxins. Caryl Shonbrun, 52, is living in a specially designed "safe house" in Ft. Collins, Colorado, in an effort to "live as free of offending chemicals as possible." ...more

I heard that story, too, and what was great about it was that the modifications he built into ...more

The Poor Breathe Easier in Seattle

NPR's Morning Edition reported today on the Breathe Easy Homes in Seattle, a public housing development built specifically to diminish environmental irritants that provoke asthma attacks. Combining his passions for healthcare and social justice, project leader Dr. ...more

I thought the Breathe Easy Homes were interesting, and I also thought the part about the "house ...more

Mrs. Cochrane's Invention

Did you know that the dishwasher was invented by a woman? Her name was Josephine Cochrane and she was tired of seeing her servants chip the fine china. The dishwasher she developed went on to win the highest award for an invention at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, but one thing Mrs. Cochrane probably didn't foresee was all the detergents and crap that would end up washed into the environment for the sake of sparkly clean glasses and plates. ...more

Wait. Are you serious? Vinegar gets rid of that haze? I always thought that was permanent. ...more