Regaining my quilting mojo

I love to quilt, I really do, but recently one would think I was lying. I just haven't even finished a quilt in ages. I stop, start and stop again, over and over. I feel like a hamster stuck on their wheel, round and round and round I go. Shortly after moving to Texas my father even helped me purchase a long arm machine so that I could quilt my own quilts. Sigh.............I've hardly used it. I think I've found a way to get my mojo back. My friend in Alaska and I are doing a block of the month together. She's in Alaska, I'm in Texas but what the heck! We are doing it afar....more
@victorias_view If I could just figure out how to post a picture! LOL more

Nothing to do with quilting

I have been saying I was going to start blogging, OK, I know I have jumped on the bandwagon a little late but better late than never! I have lost my quilting Mojo. Moving from Alaska back to Texas it seems to have gotten lost somewhere over Canada! Hopefully it will find it's way home and I'll be back in the sewing seat soon! So, this has nothing to do with quilting, but I have to start somewhere! The Texas lottery is one half a billion dollars, yes, that was correct, billion with a B! So, because I needed gas in my car I decided to walk inside and get that winning ticket!...more