Taming the Beast

Earlier this summer. More of my videos here. From yesterday's walk ....more

Beach Report

Medical drama and family fun in this one. More videos here. Last Friday, on a whim, I packed up and took myself for a day at the Rhode Island shore ....more

Spoiler Alert

(From this spring. Uploaded the sequel to this one today. More of my videos here.) I'm closing in on page three hundred of the first draft of what I hope one day will be the Babies or Not book ....more

Taking it On

More of my videos here. With all the digestive difficulties I had before I understood that by staying away from gluten and dairy products all would be fine—I have been dreading colonoscopies for a long time. Sorry to be so blunt here but there's little that feels quite so scary and vulnerable as turning over control of what comes out of and goes into that particular orifice.Thanks to my history of breast cancer, I'm told I'm at increased risk for colon cancer ....more

Full Disclosure

I'm in the process of loading my latest video to YouTube, number #150! But I haven't yet shared with you #149! So here it is! ...more

Trust and Dr Z

The latest vlog: Emotions and Cancer, and Millie the Sheep gets a Sheering. More of my videos here ....more

The Inner Doubt Machine

After two years of procrastination, I finally get fitted for a prosthetic breast ....more

My Latest Mistakes

More of my videos here.Aside from the blunders depicted in this video, there is the delay posting this video to the b ...more

Snow Ball Effect

#144, My latest on Youtube: ...more

Big Decisions

#142, My latest on Youtube: ...more