Pumpkin Spiced Popcorn

If you're into eating sweet, salty and ridiculously sticky deliciousness, I have the perfect recipe for you. Bonus: It's barely even a recipe because the hardest part is pressing the "popcorn" button on the microwave and washing your hands afterward....more

Apples & Oysters

Last week was pretty cool. First the SF Giants won the World Series resulting in Market Street riots. I got to see a bunch of crazies hop across Muni busses, one guy zip-lined down the cable with a sweatshirt and another guy lit a trashcan on fire ....more

What I wore

Dress: c/o eShakti...more

Weekend Things

This is what the past two weekends have looked like according to my pathetic, still-cracked-iPhone. Emma and I kayaked in the bay last weekend, creeping on birds and checking out the back of the AT&T Stadium, then we ate bbq next to a pool. This weekend some moisture actually came from the sky, so naturally I had to document this miraculous event ....more

thoughts & feels

In August when I took a last-minute trip to Portland, I was searching for answers. On the one hand, there were a couple of very important people I needed to meet (hi Jessi & Brooke) and on the other hand I was freaking out. It was the same stuff I dealt with six months prior and six months prior to that ....more

Paleo Sweet Potato Soup

I did something fall-ish, you guys. I made soup. I wish I could say I did it for the sake of getting into the autumnal spirit, but really I had some sweet potatoes sprouting again (who's surprised?) and a limited amount of minutes before hitting the point of mad hanger, so a quick Google search of sweet potato soup landed me here ....more

Picnics & Planes

If you've never picnicked in a park while planes fly in synchronized formations overhead, I highly suggest you do so. Wine is also recommended ....more

What I Wore

Sweater: LA MADE / Scarf: Octavia / Leggings: Target / Boots: Steve Madden Happy Friday, friends! I got my first box from Stitch Fix the other day and inside of it was this magical scarf. Okay, so I knew it was coming because I picked it out for myself, but it's just as cozy, beautiful, not-itchy and magical in real life as I hoped it would be ....more

I Confess..

I woke up like this. Literally. I've been complaining about the weather ....more

On wiener schnitzel & beer

This weekend I drank beer. Actual, real life beer and not even on accident. One of my roomies and I decided last minute to hit up Oakland's 'Oaktoberfest' and I now have a commemorative stein because of it ....more