The Last of Summer

Ever since college, my head automatically categorizes August as fall, simply because it was the start of our fall semester. I still think of it like that, hence the title. So even these might "technically" be the last of summer pictures, it's certainly not the end of summer here with our 90+ degree weather and hot hot days ....more

What Emory Wore - #4

We spend most of our afternoons in the backyard, playing in the pool or swinging. Emory LOVES to be outside. She just recently started saying "ow-side" when she runs to the back door ....more

Scenes From the Week

We have been busy little bees lately, having so much fun this summer!...more

Pinterest in the Park

Last summer I started a Mommy and Me group on Facebook in hopes of having lots of play dates and making new friends. We didn't really do much last year, but for the past few months we have been hanging out a lot. Emily and I decided to get creative and host "Pinterest in the Park" once a month ....more

Fourth of July 2014

If there's one thing that I love, it's dressing sweet Emory for the holidays! The week of the Fourth, Emory was decked out in her red, white, and blue every day. I love being so festive...and I hope she grows to love it, too! ...more

Play Dates in Pineville

In May, we took a road trip down to Pineville to hang out with everyone and go to the zoo. It was SO much fun. We don't have a zoo here, so it was nice to finally go to one with Emory ....more

Scenes from the Week

Summer is flying by and we are having SO much fun!...more

Scenes From the Week

Here's what we've been up to the last two weeks: I will give y'all one guess as to who dressed Emory on this day??? Haha! Justin and I obviously don't have the same sense of style, but she still looks so cute!...more

Kissy Kissy ($50 Baby Giveaway)

As y'all know, I absolutely love buying adorable clothes for Emory and Kissy Kissy is one of my favorite brands, particularly for a new sweet baby. Their items are so soft and snuggly - perfect for lots of cuddling! Emory's coming home outfit was actually a Kissy Kissy outfit - I just knew as soon as I held it and felt how soft it was that I wanted to bring her home in it ....more

Mother's Day 2014

We had a really low key Mother's Day this year and I feel like that's exactly how it should be - focused on family and fellowship together. My parents came in and we had lunch at my grandma's house. Emory loves playing over there because there are so many things that she should not touch! ...more