Yes. No way. Maybe. Thoughts on having a third.

Why, oh why would I even consider such a thing? After Monkey was born I started to systematically rid myself of all the baby things I would no longer need, now that I was DONE, so so so DONE, I am never going to do that again, twice was plenty, thank you very much. Every new onesie and pair of socks he grew out of, week after week, went right into a bag, handed over to a good friend without a second thought . ...more

We were in the same very, very happy with two...totally thought we were happy as a ...more

Imagine an extravagant birthday party for a four-year-old...

...and then get a load of this. I hereby present you with another Macondo birthday party anecdote. (I wrote about our first experience with the local birthday party scene here.) No matter what we end up doing for our Monster's upcoming birthday, he will seem unloved and deprived in comparison, so phew, the pressure is off!...more

Yes, it is quite extreme here, but somehow encouraging to know that the rest of the world isn't ...more

on lubrication

i've been working on a few posts about my parental culture shock, as a canadian mom of 2 who has recently moved to argentina. but today i have to write about a different kind of total, utter shock. perhaps it's 'just' culture shock - something i didn't know about life in argentina until just now. i don't know, you tell me. i can't seem to scoop my jaw up off the floor or stop asking my partner, incredulously, "but, can you believe it?" ...more

I am not for using external lubricants. You never know the actual contents of the chemicals and ...more