A break from the mania.

Its 5:30am, my boobs are killing me. Time to pump. Put away half the milk, nipple the other half. Change the Dude and throw him into bed with Adonis. Grab my shoes, my iPod and ANOTHER sports bra and its time for a run. With all the jiggling and breathlessness, I don't enjoy my alone time much, until that last 1/2 mile. My second wind hits and I just want to keep going. Instead I turn towards home. Inside, I dump the iPod, kick of the running shoes and go to wake Maddy. ...more

A Life in Motion

I first wrote this post as part of a stream of consciousness exercise. The response I received inspired me to share it on a bigger platform. Thank you for reading. At 5am, as I hear the cats doing whatever annoying thing they do and then feel the Dude in my belly roll and kick I’m made mindful of the fact that life is about motion.Did I meet my husband the dance floor? No, but on our first date (at a bar where there may have dancing) when his hand touched my lower back I felt this energy race up and down my spine.  Love followed....more

Blog Conference Prep

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some great women at a small blogger meet up in Napa. After wine tasting and getting to know one another for a bit, we got down to business. We discussed where the real money is in blogging, what makes your blog unique, memorable, SELLABLE. And we also talked about conferences. Some of us are still newish bloggers, many of us blog conference virgins.  ...more

great advice!!! hope to attend this fall in San Diego!!!more