Pink Lemonade Shorts

We’re back! Sorry, I don’t mean to disappear like that. Truly ....more

Skirt with a Lining + Happy Home

Thank you for your response to the new pattern!—the Anywhere Skirt. Here’s another version to really sink your….heart into....more

Anna’s new book – HANDMADE STYLE – 2 book giveaway

It’s so exciting to flip through a new sewing book. And it’s even more exciting when it’s by someone you’ve watched and grown with, as a blogger and friend over the years. I was lucky to meet Anna of Noodlehead at Quilt Market about 5 years ago….back when neither of us really knew anything ....more

NEW Pattern — The Anywhere Skirt! — for Women + Teens + Girls

We all need a skirt that works for any occasion. And this skirt can go anywhere!—to the party, to school, to work, to the beach. It’s dainty, but flirty ....more

My new pattern—coming very soon!

I’ve been working on a new pattern for you guys. Cause it’s been way too long since the last one (the First Day Dress was exactly a year ago! Whaaaat??) And the most exciting news is: It’s a pattern for Women + Teens + Girls ....more

How to sew a Diaper Cover two ways: VIDEO!

It only seemed appropriate to turn one of our most used tutorials into a video. YES! So in honor of the 4th of July, the MADE Everyday set pulled out the red, blue, and sparkles ....more

2 new patterns every month

How much do you love sewing patterns?? How often are you asking for new ones? How many cute fabrics do you have, just waiting for the right project? ...more

Building a new home: the Studio Table AFTER

Remember when I talked about making a new art table for the Studio? The Formica® Brand contacted me to see if I wanted to work on a project with them? For their new Formica® Laminate Jonathan Adler collection? And I was all like, whaaaaat? YES. And it was like a blogging matchmaker put us together---because I had been thinking about a laminate table top for my studio for a year! Formica® Brand then sent me free samples of the product....more

Building a new home: the Studio Table AFTER

Remember when I talked about making a new art table for the Studio? And you wondered which color I would choose? Okay....more

my new pencil skirt + 60 skirts for girls in foster care

I don’t know why it took me 10 years to start making these skirts. I mean. They are....more