the week from hell

Last week was one for the books. But we made it out alive on the other end. First Lucy and Clara came down with the flu and had 103 fevers for days in a row ....more

houndstooth corduroy for Corduroy

Having kids at the same school means you get to watch (and help) them with the same projects over the years....more

a Merry 2014 Christmas card, from our family to yours

Happy 2015 friends! 2015....more

New Video! – TWO ways to sew a Tote Bag (with a hidden surprise)

Did you get a sewing machine for Christmas? And you’re ready to sew?…(while dreaming of warmer weather?) Me too. So let’s go to our happy yellow place and sew ....more

Don’t forget to buy your patterns ON SALE

Thank you for buying so many patterns with our Winter Sale! I’m so happy you guys want to sew!….and twirl….and wear shorts all summer. Yay! ...more

are you still wrapping gifts?…

Don’t forget to watch my short video on How to Tie the Perfect Bow. Cause whether you’re tying a bow with ribbon, yarn, or fabric….it works every. single ....more

let’s bake 30 recipes today….

You’ve got the energy right? Me too! I...more

all MADE patterns ON SALE till Christmas!

What the hey? Let it all come down…. That’s right! ...more

a basket fit for an ice princess + basket pattern sale!

When I created the Baby Doll Basket pattern last year….before we all entered a space time continuum where phrases like, “Olaf! you’re melting” or “Let’s go kiss Hans!...more

Oilcloth + Leather roundup and winners

Hi friends! Thanks for joining us last week for our first—Don’t Fear the Fabric series with See Kate Sew. This time around we talked about Oilcloth fabric and Leather ....more