my Halloween Costume + 30 more ideas!

I think I’ve got this year figured out: Haah. Lucy asked what it meant. And I came up with some literal explanation about hoping that a Witch would have some candy when I rang her doorbell ....more

sewing skirts in Palm Springs

A few weeks ago I headed off to the annual Girl’s trip with my sisters/cousins. Woohoo! And the day I flew out, THIS fantastic fabric showed up in my mailbox ....more

Lunar Eclipse from our Texas deck

Holy cow! The Harvest Moon + Super Moon + Lunar Eclipse combo last night was outstanding! And we caught it just at the right moment, on a bit of a whim ....more

red + aqua Texas-Day Dress

I never understood the whole Texas Pride thing until we moved here. I’d always heard about it. I’d always wondered about it ....more

This week I had to teach my daughter that someone could take their own life.

I knew it was something that had never entered her innocent 9-year-old mind....more

that time I woke up at 2am, in Palm Springs, with bugs…

Every year my sisters + cousins get together for a girl’s weekend trip. No kids....more

Pink Lemonade Shorts

We’re back! Sorry, I don’t mean to disappear like that. Truly ....more

Skirt with a Lining + Happy Home

Thank you for your response to the new pattern!—the Anywhere Skirt. Here’s another version to really sink your….heart into....more

Anna’s new book – HANDMADE STYLE – 2 book giveaway

It’s so exciting to flip through a new sewing book. And it’s even more exciting when it’s by someone you’ve watched and grown with, as a blogger and friend over the years. I was lucky to meet Anna of Noodlehead at Quilt Market about 5 years ago….back when neither of us really knew anything ....more

NEW Pattern — The Anywhere Skirt! — for Women + Teens + Girls

We all need a skirt that works for any occasion. And this skirt can go anywhere!—to the party, to school, to work, to the beach. It’s dainty, but flirty ....more