In Search of Past Things: The Shame of Public Bathrooms

No one I know particularly enjoys using public restrooms. Everything about it is distasteful: waiting for your turn, for example, broadcasts to the world that you have to use the toilet. Sometimes you’re just waiting to spot-clean the coffee stain from your shirt, but it doesn’t matter. People still look at you knowingly. Add to this unpleasantness the adjunct activity of exiting the restroom and meeting - or, in my case, avoiding - the gaze of the person next in line. This is why I tend to limit my visits to these facilities to two minutes or less....more

Sleep is No Longer an Option

They say that new babies smile early on as a means of ensuring their survival. The idea is that if they display cuteness, their guardians are more likely to care for them. I think the same thing goes for their smell: that ineffable, sweet aroma that they all seem to emit. At any rate, as a new mother who has slept exactly four out of the last 24 hours, I wholeheartedly believe that Nature designed babies to be cute in order to ensure survival of the species....more

Baby Blue

Becoming a mother - whether for the first time or the fifth - is miraculous and beautiful. There is nothing like the feeling of holding my new son close and breathing in that sweet baby smell. For the first few days after the birth, I am surrounded by well-wishers, family, and a nursing staff who bring the baby to me to nurse and help manage my pain. The day arrives to be discharged, and I can't wait to bring baby home. But somewhere between the driveway and the nursery, it dawns on me that it is all up to me from here on out....more
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