Scars, Flaws, and All

 “Scars remind me just how far that I’ve come.”~Shakira, from the song Gypsy...more

Delivering Three

I have delivered three children: the eldest biologically and the younger two through adoption. It is true that the methods of delivery were different for each child. My oldest son, Christian, well, he was a miracle to me in that I truly never knew if I would be a mother. I was adopted internationally as a child and so the thought of “having” a baby seemed foreign to me. When I was pregnant with him, though, it seemed as if I was meant for the experience....more
 @ErinMayer Thank you, Erin. Your kind words warm MY heart! Motherhood is, indeed, difficult to ...more

Vitya Soars, An Adoption Delivery

Vitya Soarsby LETHERBEGREATER/Michelle Madrid-Branch“I imagine, at 10:30 in the morning, what you are doing inside the orphanage you have called home for the first 11-months of your life. Do you feel our presence as we enter your country? Do you know that mommy and daddy are coming?”...more