Back to School Tax-Free Holidays for 2015

If you have multiple children to buy for, back to school shopping can be an expensive undertaking. Knowing when (or if) your state participates in a back-to-school tax-free holiday can help tremendously. We've got the latest back to school tax free holidays for 2015 listed below for you. ...more

How Apple Turned Me Into The Blogging Equivalent of a Hooker

I will be the first to admit that I'm a geek when it comes to technology and love to have the latest and greatest. I never actually GET the latest and greatest, but it is nice to dream.My 12 year old son, Tre, is the same way. His love of technology comes from his sister, who is an #AppleGirl all the way. He has been after me for the past five months for an iPhone or an iPod Touch 5. Today, his older brother came home with an iPod Touch that one of his friends just gave to him.The theatrics that ensued were Oscar nomination worthy. ...more

Summertime Fun Giveaway - Giving You $1,800 in Prizes to Win

Over the past two months, I have spent at least two hours or more working on organizing our #SummertimeFun giveaway that is currently running over at Life in a House of Testosterone. If you are a fellow blogger, you know that organizing a massive event takes dedication, organization, a great bottle of wine (purchase by the case - you save money) and a huge Costco-sized bottle of Tylenol....more

Saying Goodbye to Maya Angelou

 I never had the chance to meet Dr. Maya Angelou, but I feel as though I have known her most of my adult life. A dear friend of mine showed me a poem that Maya Angelou had written entitled, "Phenomenal Woman" and from that moment on, she became my mentor. ...more
Phenomenal Women was such an insightful poem.. RIP Chris

Did I Really Sign Up for THIS?

 I sometimes sit here and I wonder to myself, "What the hell were you thinking when you decided to have children?" Ever have one of those days?My 14 year-old has decided all of a sudden that he is a man, he does not have to do chores, he does not have to listen to anything we (his parents or his teachers) tell him and can basically do whatever the hell he wants....more

Tis the Queen's Birthday Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 47th birthday and I have been celebrating (quietly) all month long. I'm thrilled because it means I am only 3 years from turning 50, and only three years left to go before I am celebrating my Jubilee year in style....more

Disturbing Take on Social Media and Punishment in 2013

 When I was growing up as a teenager in the late 70s early 80s, punishment meant you got sent to your room, had additional chores to do for a period of time, could not attend a school function you wanted to go to - things like that.According to this video my son showed me today, that is no longer the norm. This father found out his two daughters had posted a 'twerking' video on Facebook and he went to the extreme (in my opinion) disciplining them....more

Holy Moly! I Disappeared for 3+ Years!

I saw an event listed on EventBrite today about an upcoming blogger conference in New York City, and that got me thinking about BlogHer '13. I hadn't received any news at all from BlogHer in a really long time, and that was puzzling to me, because I knew that I had an account there. So off I went to do some investigating. ...more

When Do You Step In and When Do You Just Shut Up?

I posted an entry today on my blog about dealing with children out after dark with known sex offenders (20 to be exact) within a one mile radius. Not your children. Other parents' children. Do you step in and advise them out of concern, or just keep your mouth shut and take care of your own? You can read my post here. I would really love to know which side of the fence you are on. Kim ...more

Green Giveaway

Stop on by The Mad White Woman today and enter to win a copy of New Day Revolution by Sam Davidson and Stephen Moseley from today!  Contest ends April 23rd and winner will be announced the morning of April 24th! See you there! ...more