Progressive Intervals and Running Woes

It's been rainy here in California this week so getting outside to run has been out of the question. I found myself staring at the treadmill the other night wondering why in the world I signed up for another 5k and cursing myself for running the last one so darn "fast" that I have to try and beat it (really, I don't have to beat that time, but that's how my brain works).I didn't want to run at a long steady state and wasn't really in the mood for fast intervals, so I improvised and made up a treadmill workout on the spot, which was Okay, so maybe not fun in the true sense of the word, but it did beat treadmill boredom and the 40 minutes really flew by! ...more

My New Favorite Shampoo

I never really re-capped my experience with Low Shampooing. So you don't have to re-read that post, Low Shampooing (or Lo Pooing) is a trendy concept where you only wash your hair two times or less a week, using all natural products. I decided to experiment with it because my hair has been less than stellar lately and I wanted to see if it was due to all the chemicals I had been using.Well, I tried it.And I failed.I just couldn't do it anymore ....more

Wanderlusting 2014

After we decided not to spend our beans on a house this year, we made it a mission to travel as much as possible....more

On Running and Pop Pilates

Not sure what's going on, but since my 5k, I've been in a major running rut. I'm sticking to all of my planned runs but they just aren't turning out the way I want them to. My legs feel heavy, my lungs wear out quickly, and I'm just not feeling it ....more

Easy Crockpot Pulled BBQ Chicken

Despite my undying love for bacon, I'm not a huge pork fan. Have you ever bitten into a pulled pork sandwich and gotten a big hunk of fat? I'm dry heaving just thinking about it ....more

Yuck and Yum

My dear friend Sarah used to have a series of Yuck and Yums. I loved it. So I'm stealing it.YUM!...more

Mardi Gras Madness 5K

My third 5K is on the books and even though it was my slowest to date, I think I'm definitely the most proud of this one. I went from being a tad bit out of shape to running a 5k with only about 6 weeks of "training" (is it even called training when you are running such a short distance?). ...more

Scenes From a Saturday

What's a typical Saturday look like for me?Waking up at 7am, thinking "holy cow I'm getting old" and decide that I better go back to sleep to keep myself feeling like I'm 20 again.Finally emerge around 9am. Check my email, throw a load of laundry in the washing machine, sip my cup of tea, and daydream with a Coastal Living magazine.Who wants to move to Maine with me?I finally have breakfast (fruit, veggie sausage and Kid's Cliff Bar) at 11am and then we head out for some errands.First stop: I need new running shoes and Brandon needs some insoles for his plantar fasciitis. We go to our favorite family-owned running store in downtown Los Altos, On Your Mark ....more

What I'm Loving Lately

Travel recaps are my favorite posts to re-read, but to be honest, they take a lot of energy to write. So with two travel recaps under my belt (see previous posts), say hello to a fluff post!What I'm loving lately...1. ...more

Mt. Shasta Weekend Getaway: Snowshoeing Bunny Flat

While I've never tried skiing, I have taken a snowboarding lesson before in Lake Tahoe. It was so incredibly boring and frustrating and my feet felt trapped and I could list other reasons too, but you get the point. But snowshoeing, now that's a winter sport I can do.On the way up to Bunny FlatOnly eight miles from where we were staying in Mt ....more