Finding My Cyber Prince Charming

Love and sex in my town are hard to come by.  I am artsy, cultured, and progressively minded. I feel like this type draws little romantic interest in a town like this.  The lack of men leaves me alone and bored when I go out instead of engaging in good conversation with a member of the opposite sex.   When my lonliness took over I decided that I would give the world of online dating a chance.  I began to think I would have more luck on the internet.  Beng online did expand my dating poole, but not  as I thought it might....more

A big bully and standing up for whats right...

This weekend I opened at the Local greasy restaurant that I work at part time.  I have worked at this restaurant for five months, which is longer than any other employee they have had.  They have also had absolutely no problems with me since they hired me.  I am the most dedicated and hard working employee that they have.  ...more

I am confused as to why the owners still keep them on their payroll.  He sounds like a ...more

"Frugal vs. Shop-a-holic"

As I grow older I realize that I may have responsibility issues for someone who is twenty five.  I should be in a more stable point in my life.  Until now I never believed in the idea of a quarter life crisis.  My bills are getting the best of me, my student loans just keep getting defered because I simply can not imagine paying it plus, rent, utilities, and phone bill.  Thats not that much to pay really!  I make about 300-350 a week.  I should be trying to save.  ...more