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South Texas Community just continues to wonder about what goes on in my world. More than once, we've heard we need more hours in our day to get it all done. Living with dual careers, a shared business on the side of life and caretaking for a sister with Alzheimer's, I have dared to decide art must be high on my list this year. The Alzheimer's Fairy had sucked all the creativity from my days and my nights were crazy in color and clay. Husband and I had made the committment, and the studio has been bustling nightly. ...more

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It is Sunday afternoon. I just put away the paints, the coffee is lukewarm and the chihuahua is asleep. Sister-in-law is dozing in her lunch. She is two hours and twenty minutes into eating her meal, but has fallen asleep. I picked up her fork, replaced it and prompted her to finish one more bite. Sundays are my days. 100% my very own. My husband is not here at the present. He is chairing a very important Historical Commission event, celebrating the elder women who help out at the county's museum. They quilt every week, and sell the work to help finance the museum. ...more

I don't have words to say what I feel when I read your post. I feel like I just read an ...more