Tuesday Night - Weary and Discouraged but Determined

Today was busy.  I took care of a 22 month old from the moment he woke up until he went to sleep.  He was wonderful - and gave me moments of sheer joy with his big hugs, smiles, and excitement for life.  Of course, he also kept me running around.  I still managed to get some of the backlog of housework started.  I finaly brought the dirty dishes out of the RV to get them washed, I mailed a letter for Jim that was sitting around for a week, I brought in the rain soaked blankets that we used to cover the tomatoes before they frosted and got them washed....more

Monday Morning - I dare to plan

It is Monday morning and I am feeling cautiously optimistic about the upcoming week.  I am going to go out on a limb and make some plans – even set a few small goals.Monday, Wednesday, and Friday go into the studio.Tuesday take care of RV for winterThursday take care of overdue library itemsEveryday all meds, check blood sugar 2x , eat three meals, sleep by midnight, brush teeth. ...more

Still trying

Days 2,3,4, and 5 have been a mixed bag of sucess and failure.  I have gone out of the house each day.  I made a trip to buy clay so I can make some new pottery in the studio and I've been into the studio to work on two days.  These are all good things that support living my life the way I want to be living it....more

Mid life transformation -- Day 1

I made it through day one without computer games.  I managed to take all my medicines and I left the house.  Three simple actions that I've been struggling to complete.  Today I was able to manage them all.  One day at a time is true.  Once today I had to decide that I could stay off the computer games for an hour that was all I could agree to.   Even if it was one hour at a time; I made it!  ...more

Can I overcome all of the obstacles that I've build over the past 50 years to become the woman I want to be before I die?

I look around, at my home, my yard, in the mirror, and I see heaps and piles of leftovers.  There are left-over skis in the garage, left-over clothes from when I wore a size twelve in my closet, and 65 pounds of left-over fat weighing me down.  Some days, usually after I've been on a trip, I think I can dig myself out of all this stuff; as if my history could be vanquished with the wave of some magic wand. I want to believe if I buy the correct vacuum or diet aid everything will be bright and happy again....more
You are a beautiful, loving, intelligent and caring person.  Easily I say look at the positives ...more