5 Reasons Your Relationship Advice Annoys Single People

I’m sure you’ve read all the recent posts, seen the comedy bits full of memes and gifs, and watched the recent celebrity interviews related to the topic of being single and/or childless. We singles and marrieds with no kids (or not enough kids for your taste) are tired of the questions about why we’re still single or still childless. We’re tired of the assumptions and we’re tired of the unsolicited “advice"! ...more
allison.arnone Thanks for your support. I checked out your tumblr and I really like your site as ...more

How Becoming a Vegetarian Helped Me Realize That EVERYONE Needs Accountability Partners

 Image via Boston.comSadly, this was one of the most attractive pictures of a Turducken offered on Google Images....more

5 Things That I Totally Did NOT Do This Week

1) I totally did NOT sit at my desk at work and turn up an almost empty bag of Cheetos to make sure I got all the crumbs, miss my mouth COMPLETELY, and pour the crumbs all down the front of my dress and in other orifices that weren’t my mouth. Have you ever gotten Cheetos in your eye? Not fun. But oh yeah, no, I definitely did not do this. And I especially didn’t do it right as my boss walked by my office. ...more
 @Darcie Me either. Although I've learned that sometimes it really is the dryer's fault! Or the ...more

Adventures in Baking

So if you’ve been following the Magnet on Twitter, Facebook, or this blog for any period of time, then you know that I’ve had my fair share of cooking and baking drama. Actually, in the early days of this blog, I wasn’t really cooking or baking at all. But I have started baking, and one thing I’ve learned about baking is that it is very different from cooking. Baking is more of a science and cooking is more of an art. Baking is more specific....more
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I don’t know a whole lot in life, but I know this much.

1) Apparently, you should get your air conditioner serviced every year and change the filter in your air conditioner every month. Because if you don’t, it might quit working.2) If you buy a box fan and run it on the highest level, don’t lie directly in the path of its air flow for an extended period of time. Because it might make your eyes water and then subsequently make them ridiculously dry....more
Who in God's name ever told us this shit about air conditioners? NOBODY. Nobody did. Just sayin.'more

What a Wonderful Whole New World

I'll let you decide which of these is a more appropriate song to headline this post....more

I challenge you…TO A DUEL!

One lovely May 5th, I got up at the butt crack o’ dawn around 10am to go to a Bikram Yoga class. Even though I was a little excited about the class, I was more excited about my lunch plans at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant with a friend after class. After all, it was Cinco de Mayo.  And if you’re wondering if I realize that ordering the #601 and eating my weight in chips and salsa totally cancels out the class I’d  just taken prior, then the answer is yes. Leave me alone....more

Turn-ons, must-haves(?), and dealmakers for the future Mr. Magnet

My favoritest animated movie of all timeI have several friends that have been asking me for about a year to do a post on d...more

Is there a message in this massage?

Because times are hard and I’m not rich (yet), I decided to put the moolah for my monthly massage membership (try saying that three times fast) towards other, more necessary things. Like, for example, sushi, pedicures, and a crown -->which, in hindsight, probably should have been a root canal. Besides, with the advent of Groupon, you can now get a whole boat load of massages for a nickel....more

STOP! Don’t eat another Girl Scout cookie until you read this!

You know, I learned a lot of valuable things last week and, ironically, they were all about food. So I thought I’d share them with you in case you didn’t already know these things…1) Boneless chicken wings are not wings at all…they are overgrown nuggets.2) There is no other use EVER IN LIFE for celery except to serve as a vehicle for blue cheese dressing.3) There is no use EVER IN LIFE for carrots. Period....more