Second week

The second week of the internship was as fun as the first but with a little more excitment. Yesterday while cutting some apples for my apple caramal napoleon I cut off part of the finger nail as well as part of the skin. The funny thing is the guy who used the same knife after me also got his same finger cut as well. This put a stop to my baking for twenty minutes but I was able to finish what I was going to make. On Friday I also made the apple napoleon which I served with a cinnamon whipped cream....more


So this weekend was the first of my internship at a restaurant in my hometown. I get to make the desserts during the day and then at night I plate not only the desserts but the appitizers as well. On Friday I took the train in from Philly to my internship from 2 till closing and I made biscotti dough and what we do is we prep up during the day so that when we open for business we just get the oders in and make the food. For example I plated a mixed green salad with a vinigrette, walnuts and pears so during prep I sliced the pears and put them in a lemon water to prevent them from browning. ...more