Transcending the Gender Divide: Trends/Events of the 00s

Inspired by an on-line discussion group, I gave some thought to promising trends from the past decade that I believe may help to transcend the gender divide as we head into this new decade....!Trends/events of the decade to acknowledge:1.Young women are outstripping men in college attendance, GPA, collegehonors/awards and degree completion...what will this mean for the nextdecade as more and more highly qualified women continue to enter the...more

Charlyne Yi in Paper Heart (2009)

You know you're in quirky terrain from the outset when a diminutive twenty-something Asian-American woman stands in artificial Vegas hotel lights, proffering a microphone to random strangers, asking, "Have you ever been in love?" Yi plays a bit naive-girl, a bit giggly Amelie and a bit docu-maven as she chance-encounters American Joes, Janes and foreign tourists in the land of gambling and the quickie wedding chapel. That's how the 2009 mockumentary Paper Heart, (directed by Nicholas Jasenovec, co-written and co-produced by Charlyne Yi) begins. ...more

Caprica: Brainiacs or Lolita Eves?

Coco Before Chanel

Ever since Amélie became my magical realism fix for the decade, Audrey Tautou has cast a spell on me. (One of my friends even named her daughter Amelie in homage...) So when I first caught the trailer for Coco Before Chanel, starring none other than Mlle Tautou, I was in for a view....more

I've loved the previews of it that I've seen. I think I'll be waiting for the DVD though. I ...more

Jane Campion Shines a Bright Star

Jane Campion Shines a Bright Star ...more

Ponyo: Enviro-a-gogo

In many of Hayao Miyazaki's anime masterpieces, water waves, ripples and eddies provide a fascinating back-canvas to his hand-drawn cel animation. It stands to reason then, that he'd eventually create a film about the ocean. In his recent animated feature, "Ponyo," breath-taking visuals of undulating jellyfish and prehistoric undersea creatures accompany an eco-friendly story about a goldfish who wants to become a walking, talking, real live girl.  ...more