5 Excuses Parents Make for Their Bratty Little Children

Bratty children are a pain, and the only ones that can truly bring a difference in their attitude are their own parents. Sadly, not many parents want to do something about it, for them its easier to just make excuses.Below, I have listed the most common excuses parents make and what that could lead to. So go ahead and read. If you fit into any of the excuses below, then you really control the situation before it's too late....more
Ahhh... I'm so glad that my kids have gotten old enough to be discerning and to have developed ...more

In memory of pets that are no longer with us or missing.

I remember watching a scene from a movie where a girl was so sad and depressed because her kitten had died. And I kept thinking what a big deal she was making out of the whole situation, like it's only a cat for goodness sake....more