Orange Chocolate Truffle

The holidays have always been a time when a little indulgence isn’t too bad.....especially if the treat is a rich and creamy chocolate truffle. ...more

Whole Wheat Banana & Prune Soda Bread Rolls

....quite a mouthful! Soda breads are classified under “quick breads” as they contain baking soda instead of yeast as the leavening agent. Making quick breads calls for using both dry and wet ingredients that are measured and quantified individually and then mixed together. ...more

Wild Rice Salad

Having eaten wild rice as a salad, I wanted to experiment that out first and then move on to including it in the successive courses. Though I didnt quite expect, the outcome was fulfilling. The flavor of the rice was in harmony with its nuttiness as well as the sweetness of the cranberries....not to forget those blanched pine nuts. ...more

New kid on the blog!

Hello Everyone, Its great to be a part of the BlogHer community. I am what you could call an experimental cook. Though I follow a ton of traditional ingredients and the recipes they call for, I love trying combinations of ingredients to add more color to life. So do stop by my chow chronicles at to check out whats been cooking my end. Chow Eskay ...more