There really is a butter shortage in Japan

Butter shortages in post-modern Japan. read more ...more

Nabe (hot pot) basics in the Japan Times

This month’s Japan Times column is about the basics of nabe, or hot pots that are usually cooked at the table, with everyone taking what they like from the pot as it cooks. read more ...more

Hamburg Steaks or Hanbaagu/Hambaagu in the Japan Times

A brief history of the hambaagu in Japan. read more ...more

What Japanese kids like to eat, now and then

Japanese kids like western style food a lot it. read more ...more

The history of ranking restaurants in Edo, plus eggs in Japan

Eggs, plus the history of ranking restaurants and food in Japan. read more ...more

The history of corn in Japan and a recipe for chilled corn soup

My latest article in the Japan Times is about the history of corn (maize) in Japan, and includes a recipe for chilled corn soup that’s really easy to make. read more ...more

Kanten vs. agar plus tokoroten in the Japan Times, plus a sweet version

About the difference between kanten and agar, plus cool, slippery glassy noodles. read more ...more

Maybe you can't have it all...

read more ...more

All about mirin in The Japan Times

Did you know that mirin used to a a high class, expensive beverage rather than a cooking ingredient? read more ...more

Goryo Hamaguchi: Earthquakes, Modern Medicine and Yamasa Soy Sauce

The life of a remarkable man, who used his wealth to help people in many meaningful ways. read more ...more