Grief and Food Safety (strange combo!)

Well, this has been a tough past couple of months for our family.  Patrick's (my husband) father (whom he was never really close to, he was raised by his step-dad) is in the ICU and about to pass away.  He's going to be taken off of life support today.  Eventhough they were never really close, there is still a lot of sadness there, especially since he never got to meet his grandson, our son, Tyler.  So, say prayers for his wife, and my husband.... ...more

Meals this week - lazy meal planning!

Well, now that I've introduced myself, I'd like to share a bit about my meal plan for the week.  About a month ago (maybe longer) I'd been on a strict grocery budget.  (Strict for me).  We were to spend NO MORE than $75/week on all grocery (including household) items.  I did great with that budget, and used a lot of coupons and browsed the ads.  Rigid meal planning really helped me stay on that budget! ...more

I am not sure if you live by a Meijer store, but they have a meal planning tool that is very ...more

Beginning my journey...

Well, today my journey of blogging begins.  I've been thinking about it for awhile and I've been inspired by and -  I LOVE reading these blogs, but felt that there was something more that I could contribute. I am a 27 y/o SAHM (stay at home mom) with 2 kids (a 6 y/o daughter and a 15 m/o son).  I've been married for 8 years now! ...more