The Little Girl

The little girl sits huddled, desolate and afraid The big sister prepares for battle The little girl is terrified; it`s happening again The big sister knows the severity of the little ones fear; "don`t worry little one, I`ll protect you. I`ll make it all right" The little sister has little hope - she knows the forces at work against her are too strong; she wants to flee or build the wall higher for safety ...more

Goodbye for Now

@shweetmamajae ((hugs)) I mean it & now u have brightened my day-"Happy, happy, joy, joy!"more


When I lived in a group house in DC, right off of 16th Street, NW, we were robbed, at gun-point one summer day. The house had no AC and the front and back screen doors were open. There were only a few of us home, me, my little brother, my best friend and roommate, and two adults. It was the summer before high school - I was 14, as was my bestie; my little brother, 6. Three armed men entered our house, unbeknownst to us kids. We were upstairs doing whatever it is kids do in the sweltering heat of summer in the house. All I know is very quickly, everything changed, all at once....more
How heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing this.more

And Now We Are Drinking

Somewhere around 13 or 14 my mom, brother and I went down to Virginia Beach to visit for a few days with my Aunt and her family, and celebrate the 4th of July. While there, my cousin took me out on the strip with him. Amazingly, I was let into at least one bar, and allowed to drink as well. He was easily 5 years my senior, maybe more like 8, so I guess he knew people. I don’t really remember. All I know is I got drunk, and later, was raped by my cousin. Obviously, I was too young, too intoxicated, etc. to consent....more
I think it's really interesting that you kind of glazed over the rape in this, and focused more ...more

Were You Trying For Twins?

As a mother of three beautiful children, who, as fate would have it, were born only 11 ½ months apart, I heard this question a lot. It is the one question on everyone’s lips, and for some reason, it irritates me to no end. Why do strangers feel like they should be privy to such private information? How do people have the gall to just walk up to someone they don’t know, and ask such a personal question?...more

I *hated* those people. I had my second child four years after my first. When he was first born ...more

Babies on the Brain

My children are always on my mind. Lately I have been almost hyper aware of the fact that they are growing up. It may be that this happens every new year, as my babies are Summer babies, and they seem to make huge leaps in mental and physical development between October and January. It may be that this year because I am clear, aware, and mindful, that I'm noticing how much they've grown up and how they've changed. Whatever it is, I've been noticing some really cool things....more

Exercise Itch

I'll bet you read the title and thought to yourself "this must be a blog about getting the 'itch' to exercise". If you thought that, I'm sorry to say, you're wrong! No, this isn't a blog about me "itching" to exercise ... more so it's a whiny blog, about exercising AND itching. :-D Gee! Aren't you glad you stopped by?!...more

Sweet Doggy for Adoption

As I resolved in my earlier post, I am fully, totally and completely working on finding Bindi the Rescue Pup a good, HAPPY, new home. I am SO thankful to have help with this endeavor....more

Thank you Lorrie! I hope to find her her perfect home, and soon. :)

Jae, more

Tale of the PhysioBall

Newscaster announces: "San Antonio woman's death caused by PhysioBall". Do you all know what a PhysioBall is? It's a large ball, sometimes called an exercise ball, which one uses in their exercise routines. In my case, I added into a Pilates workout....more