Dealing With A Broken Heart

Last week my heart got broken by a 7 year old girl who lives two houses away from mine. I knew it would eventually happen, but not this fast....more

Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Sauce

I recently went to visit the Taves Family Farms and despite the fact I couldn't find the U-Pick Apple area, I couldn't stop myself of trying their fresh produce at their marketplace. This is how I ended up with a 5 lb bag of apples as well as other variety of fruit and vegetables....more

Family Quality Time Gone Wrong

It’s Saturday and the day is about to get started. For 24 hours I’ve been saying to myself, “Self, tomorrow we will leave the house early and hit the ground running at a reasonable hour, hopefully by 10am. And we will have great quality time together, as Family, and we’ll enjoy it, damn it!” I wake up eager to get the morning started with breakfast. My vision is clear, to have everyone ready to leave the house by 10am. It’s only 8, we have lots of time. Right? Right. ...more
Sounds like the story of my life... I totally agree the best times together sometimes are ...more

Why knowing our neighbours is very important

t's 5:45pm on a typical, rainy day in Vancouver. I have to walk through the parking lot to get to my home unit, which is at the end of the complex. As I feel the cool wind on my face and my hand shakes as it tries to keep its grip on the umbrella, I hear a strange voice yelling "LYNDA!""LYNDAAAA!" Very close to me. Loud. ...more

Mother's Day Is Not My Mother's Day

This is a hard post. Very hard. Every year I face the same feeling towards celebrating Mother's Day, I am untouched. Celebrating Mother's day is not a synonym of celebrating me (in my head) even though I'm totally qualified for it now. Mother's Day resonates to me as to celebrate my own mother. And that is every year as you know. ...more

What I Didn't Know About My Mother

I am usually not a quote person, man I barely remember to repeat the words literally when someone says it to me. I can not be trusted quoting, trust me. But, I can be trusted using the mouse of my computer.This quote came from Best Foodies in response to my mental illness post:...more

Google We Got A Problem

I have been working on my 2012 blog edition in the last couple of days - I know, it totally feels like a car when it's about to be released for its new look of the year. I invested a couple of hours here and there with this new look mostly because the baby still requires a lot of my attention and could not commit to give more. And finally, last night, it was decently completed. It did not feel like a lot of work was done or at least, what I was aiming to do I could tweak the HTML without complications....more

The Ghost of my Christmas Past

Everyone has a ghost, either from a relationship, a loved one, an embarrassing moment (like saying the baby looks a lot like him but he is not the father, he is a close friend) or you just simply have a ghost right below your bed. Mine pretty much looked like this:...more

A Mom's Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa: I write this letter to you using my son's pencil... on the back of this bill statement while I do laundry. I have been a good mother during this past year. I have fed, kept clean, and taken care of my kids accordingly. I have seen my kid's doctor more than I have seen mine. I have sold cookies and any other bullshit thing to raise money for my kids' school activities. Santa, I have never requested anything for myself after the age of ten, but I thought that perhaps this year could be an exception. As far as this piece of paper lets me write my wishlist down, I'll write down my requests:...more
LOL!! I love this! Now give back the pencil, Mom...more

Pregnancy withdraw

We all have gone through withdraws in our life, by choice or by force. Drugs, alcohols, coffee, smoking, you name it, we have heard is not fun. Well, mine is not as common per se. I am suffering of pregnancy addiction. Hi, my name is Afrodita and I'm addicted to pregnancy - at least my first one....more