Can EcoLiving Be A Feminist Act?

I've often contemplated the ease with which I might blow off environmentalism: the convenience foods I might buy, the disposable plates which would banish the drudgery of dishwashing from my days, the time I could spend kicking my dogs up instead of making things as random as countertop spray, muffin mix, and edible play-dough from scratch. ...more

Why I Don't Pay for (Bottled) Water Anymore

I'll admit it. I am a waterholic. I drink wayyy more than 8 glasses a day and my friends (seriously) say I make a mean glass of ice water. It's all in the cubage, baby. But I refuse to buy bottled water these days, after years of ambivalence. Why? ...more

You know, it's funny, I keep forgetting and bringing my (BPA free) Nalgene bottle filled with ...more

Toxic Animal Feedlot Emissions Need To Be Reported -- Tell the EPA

There's big money lobbying the government on behalf of big meat operations. Time to speak up! ...more

Three Is the Magic Number


Your Life In Six Words: Navel-Gazing Haiku

Join me in quick, pithy reflection. What six words capture your essence? Apparently Ernest Hemingway thought his best work was this six-word story: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Can you sum up your thoughts in six words? My own reflections on parenting: Dog was not baby in training. Baby girl, baby boy: living love. Exhort, commiserate, hug inspiring little people. Forage, nurture, protect, nip with teeth. Wipe butts, noses, tears, be snuggly. ...more

Sneaker Save: Recycling Running Shoes

Directly related to my New Year's resolve to exercise more aka Stay Alive Longer, I recently realized I needed new kicks. But what to do with the old ones? ...more

Baby Steps, and Baby Yourself

Occasionally I hear groans when I bring up my 47,000th environmental, human rights, sustainability or health concern -- groans of ...more

Button Fleurs

Button flowers are a great way to reuse random buttons, beads, and art supplies. All you need is some green florist wire (make sure it's thin enough -- bring a button with you to test). ...more

No-Guilt Manifesto


Whither Our Water? Addressing Hormones in Local Waterways

Biology Professor Gives SurelyYouNest the Straight Dope on Endocrine Disruptors in our Waterways ...more