Can you hear me now?

If you’re reading this, you probably know that my elderly dad lives with us. You might also know he’s a rather frail 78 and that his hearing isn’t so great. We got home from a beach vacation late Saturday night ....more

Some things suck.

You know what sucks?Sleepwalking. When you’re 43 years old.Down a flight of stairs. Headfirst. That all sucks.Wearing your pink pajamas to an emergency room in the middle of the night sucks.Forgetting to wear shoes because you’re in so much pain makes you feel like a homeless person, and that sucks.(Remembering to put on a bra makes you feel like a put-together, albeit injured, homeless person. That doesn’t suck.)A couple of concussions suck ....more

With friends like these...

This past week was a WEEK. I was stressed, I was crabby, I was overwhelmed. I was forgetting things I never forget, like showing up in my son’s classroom to help. I had so many balls in the air I kept waiting for a biggie to drop.At 3 a.m. Thursday, I woke with a start. We're Catholic, and I realized Jack’s First Communion was Saturday. I was supposed to have a luncheon for 25 people. And my Thursday and Friday ...more

Love & Marriage & Metro

I don’t love public transportation. This is not some elitist bent of mine; I just think it’s more straightforward to drive somewhere. However, occasionally even I agree that a train zipping you around a crowded city is preferable to parallel parking and one-way streets inevitably shut down by construction.On Caroline’s 11th birthday, the kids and I planned a day with friends that included multiple stops all over the city. My husband insisted that the metro was the most logical way ...more


I could tell you about our spring break.I could tell you that Whit’s father and his wife, with whom we spend very little time, begged us to allow them to take us on an "all expenses paid" cruise.I could tell you I hate cruises.I could tell you they forgot to mention the Ft. Lauderdale hotel. If I say the nicest thing about it was the iceberg lettuce at the all-you-can-eat buffet, will you catch my drift? ...more

Birthday Boy

When my mom was alive, she and my dad would celebrate their birthdays in a very refined, elegant way. There was a beautiful place they’d go to dinner; it always had a live band and tuxedoed waiters. After dessert, the ceiling was rolled back and they would dance under the stars.Fast forward and my dad lives with me. My ceilings don’t move and the only live music is Caroline practicing her recorder. ...more

Help wanted? Don't ask me.

So recently I started looking for a job. Not a capital-J job, with nice clothes and bonuses and vacation time and a hefty paycheck. I mean a little-j job, in that I want to sit in my office, in my house, and write. Which is what I already do, but I kind of wanted to see if I could get paid for it. So I hung out my shingle as a freelance writer ....more

A good party gone bad

Okay, so we’ve all done it, and we’ve probably mostly liked it. At least we’ve gotten stuff and had a few drinks with some friends, right? You know I’m talking about those quintessential suburban parties, in which you gather some friends and let a cute little clothes/makeup/jewelry/kitchen products rep come in and tell you why her products are the must-haves ....more

An explanation

Oh, guys, I have sat at this computer so many times in the past month (plus) – and I have written so many posts. But unlike my normal writings, I didn’t show them to my husband, and I didn’t post them. Rather, I left them open and unsaved in Word documents, so that I could sleep (or not) and wake up and read them again to see if there was anything worth saying ....more

...and then she got over it

You could look at our kids and say they’re spoiled. You could look at our kids and say they’re sorely deprived. Well, both the spoiling and the deprivation are mainly by design, and our mantra is that, as a family, we are very lucky because we all have everything we need and most of what we want.For the most part, the kids get this. Sometimes they don’t. ...more