Kale Chips

When I began my backyard garden last October, a few weeks after moving into our new home, we were in the midst of a stifling heat wave. Despite oppressively extreme temperatures blowing in from the desert on the Santa Anas, I started sowing the seeds of cool weather crops. I was anxious about how they would fare, as I found it hard to prevent small seedlings with shallow roots from drying out in the hot, dry weather....more

Gluten Free Crackers: A Mother's Day Gift

 Gluten Free CrackersA Mother's Day Gift ...more

The Sleepy Hat


Crackers are Easy

I have long loved to bake and play around with recipes. Lately, however, I have become more preoccupied with this. Not long ago I decided to eliminate all store bought snacks and treats from our cupboard and instead bake it all from scratch. Since I find it far more satisfying to create and continually tweak my own recipes than to bake from someone else's, I also proposed to myself to work only from recipes that I am in the process of creating or have made up in the past. ...more

Sock Monkey Love Dolls

Coco ...more

Growing Shelling Peas for my Son

For a short time in my childhood, my family lived in the forest, on the edge of a very large river in northern-ish Ontario. Our home was literally a dream house built by the previous owners. It was a large log house with huge, plate glass windows wrapping their way around the entire home. I was the luckiest of all since my corner bedroom included breathtaking views of both the woods and the river. Enchanting really is the best word to describe how I felt about our home....more