Spring fever!!

Seems everyone is in the spirit with spring looming large. The snow is finally melted, the tulips are reaching for the sun, and the birds are singing. The weather is on and off, but, the kids are thrilled to have more than a few short minutes to spend outside a few times during the week. The neighbors have all reappeared and it feels so good to reconnect. You don't realize just how much you hibernate until spring arrives. Winter seems so long, dreary, and isolating. Spring, then, feels so freeing, so liberating, and so beautiful. ...more

Tea Party

When Ethel turned four, I told her that she would no longer be requi...more

Who's paying attention?

I just have to get this off my chest.  I am just bothered by people who assume that the library, rec center, play ground, or wherever they are gives them a free pass to not watch their children.  Allow me to vent a little, if I may....more

Me time, week 5

This week I decided to do my me time another day, since today is Valentine's Day.  It's not a huge deal between my husband and I, but I thought it would be nice to spend the day together.  The whole day.  Plus, Ethel is totally into Valentine's Day, so I wanted to be around for the morning at least and give the kids cards and a small token that Nani mailed to each of them. ...more

Goody, more goody bags

Me time, part 4

Today's me time posting had to take two entries.  First, I have too many thoughts in my mind to create any single entry that would make any sense to anyone other than me.  Second, I need to focus my thoughts about my progress with ME in their own spot, I don't want to mix them too much with other stuff that goes on in my head.  Three, it's totally unfair to any reader to have to scroll for days just to read about two hours of my life in a restaurant.  So, this is my part B entry for my me time today....more

Glamour Girl

This morning I took Ethel to a story hour at the local Barnes and Nobel.  It was a Fancy Nancy story hour with Valentine's Day crafts.  Ethel didn't want to go at first, but yesterday when I told her we could polish her nails, she was all over it!  I knew that some of her classmates would be at the event, and that rather sweetened the deal....more

The kitchen timer

I'll never forget the egg timer my mom had in the kitchen when I was a kid.  Despite being shaped and colored like a real egg, it was hard to confuse it for one.  With hash marks around its middle like the lines on a football field, it was easy to tell it apart from its likenesses in the fridge.  The egg timer never left the kitchen.  In fact, it often had a place of honor on the counter near the stove, or near the sink between a mama and papa bear salt and pepper shaker set.  By the end of its useful life, it had made its way onto a cute little shelf on the kitchen...more

Me Time, week 3


The journey of exploration

I feel sometimes as if I need to be rescued from myself.  I am a prisoner to the whilring thoughts and statements in my brain which I can't seem to turn off.  There is a constant chatter in my head (on top of my Tinnitus), and it has gotten to a point where I am unable to escape it. ...more