The Mind Has Its Battles Too

One need not be a chamber to be haunted.. -Emily DickinsonI am in a small and selfish place right now. It is quite familiar to me. That's what eating disorders are like. They make you think only of yourself and your own problems. For anyone who might have a more generous view of this illness, I'll rephrase: eating disorders make me think only of myself and my little concerns. They are seductive ghosts....more
Please join me with the last two sentences of this ...more

Standing Taller. Falling Over.

Every so often I take something literally.  Sometimes I miss the joke because I believe the ridiculous premise.  (I will believe really ridiculous premises.)  When I thought about what made me "stand taller" recently, I reflexively squared my shoulders.  Something people are always telling me to do.Last month we were at the Emmy's in Los Angeles.  My husband was nominated on a writing team.  I don't talk about that a lot.  (I TOTALLY talk about that all the time!) But it's true and I am so proud of him....more