Another kind of mummy-guilt

A few years ago when Mr.G and I lived in our lovely cosy flat, and before ST arrived to rock our worlds, we were having a nice quiet Sunday afternoon at home. The kind where you spread out the Sunday papers, pick at a leisurely brunch, and just recuperate from a Saturday night out. Suddenly, we heard a loud BANG! on the glass conservatory roof. And again. BANG! BANG! BANG! Not quite compus mentus at the early hour of 11am (ahem!), we wandered into the conservatory to see what the noise was – from the sky, ducks were raining down on our roof....more

Fighting Demons

An old friend as been wanting to come and hang out for a while. I've been putting her off, pretty much keeping her at bay for what feels like years. While there's no logical reason for it, if I'm honest, I don't feel good about myself when she is around me, in fact I feel disordinately crap. She's really totally harmless, quiet, but just clingy. Really really clingy. The slightest thought of her presence back in my life immediately makes me feel nervous and apprehensive....more