I Came, I Saw, I...........

....was a complete idiot! So, as you know I went to the Sleep is For The Weak book signing on Saturday. Despite the threat of Hurricane Ike wreaking havoc in The Big D (well, Plano to be exact), it wasn't that bad- or bad enough to keep me away! ...more

How to Host a Clothing "Swap It" Party

Now that Labor day has passed, "that" time of year is upon us again. ...more

Maybe i'm feel unwanted in your project about that  Clothing swap ...more

Green Cleaning

Before your guests arrive at your next party, one would assume there will be a fair amount of cleaning to do beforehand. If you're like me, you are cleaning up to the very minute the guests arrive, most times. ...more

Still Water

We are all familiar with the wine snob. You know, the ones you go to dinner with and cringe when the wine menu is handed over. They painstakingly look it over, commentating on each and every one that they have tried....."this one is smoky, this one is oak-y"...... well the same seems to have become true for water. Here's a tidbit from a recent article from msnbc.com that discusses just how far this bottled water phenomenon has gone. ...more

The Return of Melamine


Food for Thought

Since Tuesday my family and I have been on the road. Traveling with a family of five, the average road trip requires several (and I mean several) stops. A potty break here, the occasional magazine or drink there, and then of course on to the obvious meal stops. In our case, the search for food on the road is a daunting task. Inevitably, the mere mention of stopping the car, let alone for food, opens the door to our usual argument. ...more

The Recycled Bride

Good news for brides inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, classic is back. Fabrics, silhouettes and accessories borrowed from the 1940s through 1960s offer brides the opportunity to start with the basics and enhance them with luxurious finishing touches. This is great news for the Eco-conscious bride. By shopping Vintage, not only will your "recycled dress" be following the fashion curve and saving money, our environment will reap the rewards by reducing the use of the earth's natural resources needed for a new one. ...more

Beer...........It's What's for Dinner

Beer....It's what's for dinner. ' ...more