Goody Two-Shoes and the Enablers

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Small Vocabulary = Small. . . . . Brain*

Mamacita says: A person...more

Bad Ending? No. Just, No.

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Fruit and Words and Time and Helping Verbs

“Why not go out on a limb; isn’t that where the fruit is?” ...more

Where Did the Real Music Go?

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Happy New Year To You All!

Mamacita says: Happy New Year, dear friends, both seen and unseen, both here and elsewhere. ...more

Holidays Should Be About Love

Mamacita says: Holidays should be about love, not resentment. ...more

Another Christmas Day Has Come and Gone. . . .

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It’s Christmas Eve, Dick. Christmas, Ebenezer!

Mamacita says: Ebenezer and Dick had a boss who understood good business, because good business treats its employees like gold. ...more