Long Winters

Two winters: Typical highway scene in January of ’77 and ’78 Mamacita says: There are two winters that stand out in my mind, both with seemingly never-ending blizzards and subzero temperatures: The winter of 1977 and the winter of 1978. Two winters in a row of deep, deep snow and temps down below zero. In fact, the temperatures were so often and for so many consecutive weeks well below zero that we would refer to the occasional single digit above zero as a heat wave ....more

The Dumbing Down of American Education

Mamacita says: Where...more

Testing, Basic Skills, Behavior, and Blame

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Cupid & Psyche & the Mother-in-Law From Hell

I’ve been blogging for almost eleven years, and every Valentine’s Day, I like to re-tell the story of Cupid and Psyche to the Blogosphere. Why? ...more

Basic Elevator Etiquette for Dummies

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Rock and Pop and Goats and Ducks, Oh My

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My Mother: A Love Story

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Liking Honey Boo Boo: Still More Things I Haven’t Done Yet

Mamacita says: Liking Honey Boo Boo is the least of it. There are so many things I haven’t done yet, I wonder sometimes how I know how to do anything at all. 1. ...more

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Peaceful Warrior

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. — Martin Luther King, Jr ....more

Bring It On, Mama

I've been a parent longer than most of you have been alive.  Here are a few observations I have made over these years.  Many of you won't like these, but time and experience and a couple of awesome grown-up babies of my own and a few thousand kids belonging to other people in my career have convinced me that these few simple rules are good ones. Please pay attention, for I speak truth....more
So many times I have wanted to say this to people! You go girlfriend!more