Reviewing The Willpower Instinct

You may have noticed that I haven't reviewed many books lately for the BlogHer Book Club. While I find it great fun to participate, life has been too busy. However, I couldn't resist when I saw the title of the next book: The Willpower Instinct. It's perfect for January, right? ...more

Oh, Resolutions... How I Love Thee

It's that time of year! It's time to make promises, declare that you're changing your life and then forget about it in a month or less. Yes, I fall victim every year. Last year, I resolved to: ...more

Now That Is The Way To Run

Last weekend, I left my house at 6:15 in the morning. It was 29 degrees and dark. I drove 10 miles, met up with my two favorite running partners... And seven strangers. Together, we made up a 10-person relay team that would be taking on a 50 mile race. We would be spending the next 8-10 hours together. It could have gone a couple of ways. Anytime you force 10 people to coexist in two cars for an extended period ...more

Only 50 Miles To Go

I signed up for three running events in October. First up was The Color Run, which I "ran" with my teenage daughter and two of her friends. I put that in quotes because The Color Run is definitely an event, rather than a race. While billed as a 5k, my GPS put me at closer to 2.75 miles and, with thousands of people swarming through the streets of Lawrence, there were many, many areas where it was physically impossible to ...more

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Race Season

Here we go! After approximately three months without running, I need to get my Asics in gear. The heat has been absolutely crushing this summer, so I have filled my time with elliptical workouts and the Nike Fit app. Now that we're easing into Fall, it's time to plunk down a little cash and get reacquainted with the asphalt ....more

Cue The Tears... She's In Kindergarten

In November of 2007, some of you may remember when I met this little munchkin for the first time.Yesterday, the peanut started kindergarten ....more

Happy Birthday, Julia Child!

I'm sort of in love with Julia Child. It's not that I'm an amazing chef or that I have any interest in working my way through her French cookbook, one recipe at a time. It's Julia herself who captivates me.I remember watching reruns of her cooking shows on the public television station when I was growing up, and she always seemed to be having fun. Now as an adult, I admire her balls-to-the-wall attitude (if you'll forgive the crude language) ....more

And That's How I Ended Up Carrying A Metal Chicken Through Downtown Omaha

At the office, we are big fans of The Bloggess, which obviously means that Beyonce, the giant metal chicken, holds a special place in our hearts. So, when I was in Omaha with my bestest friend from college for the Olympic Swim Trials and saw this.. ....more

And Here's What I've Been Up To Lately

and this.. ....more

A Tale of Two Weekend Days

I had two days which were about as far apart on the similarity scale as possible. On Saturday, I ran my 5th half marathon, thus completing my 13.1+13.1 in seven calendar days = 26.2 strategy. Then on Sunday, I claimed all of the rights and privileges of Mother's Day and refused to move from the couch for approximately 12 hours.Both days were completely glorious ....more