Reprint- Welcome to Holland

You know that essay that's floated around in the past couple decades, that one about planning your trip to Italy, and being greeted upon the landing of the flight with "Welcome to Holland"?  Mostly, the analogy is used when you find out that your child has Down's Syndrome or some other physical developmental disorder.  But I've been thinking about it lately. Having a child with behavioral or mood disorders is a different kind of challenge than having a child with Down's or MS or whatever.  No one thinks you'r...more

Reprint- Grand Poobah Monkey

I made a monkey. His crown-y hat looks sort of Rasta, and his overalls look much like lederhosen....more

Reprint- 400 words about things I love (with some words added)

I love the smell that lingers after I’ve been baking, and the sly way my kids try to sneak the cookies off of the cooling racks before I put them away; how Hubby tries to be quiet and unobtrusive when he comes into the bedroom after I’m asleep, but often fails; the way my implausibly high heels make me feel just a little bit powerful; finding old family pictures and seeing resemblances I never knew existed; the whooshing sounds of milk being frothed; the texture of Patons Stretch Sock yarn on the soles of my feet; hearing random “Raising Arizona” quotes from my kids when I least expect them...more