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A Genuine Imitation

     As a self confessed food snob I always wondered what on earth the point of imitation vanilla (or any flavor for that matter) was. Why have a fake when you can have the real thing? Read more: ...more

Battle of the Virgins

Why is olive oil so complicated? Why can’t there just be one olive oil on the shelf that you use for everything? In the reality there is a hierarchy that needs explanation.Read more:

Just Sayin...Job Market for Royalty Low

It’s probably not the best idea to treat your little prince or princess like royalty…not exactly a growing job market these days.  Not sayin’ we’re right, we’re just sayin’…Read More:

What The Fudge!?! Overweight Flight Attendants aren't Fuel Efficient?

Low budget European airline Ryanair has caused something of a controversy by telling its female flight attendants (nothing suggested for the men) that it might be a good idea to lose some weight.

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TomAto, TomatOh! Presents Saturated Fat: Villain or Victim?

This week TomAto TomatOh! presents opinions from both sides of the fence about saturated fat.Read More:

In a Pickle? Spillproof Your Kitchen

Want a kitchen with less mess?Read more!

What The Fudge!?! Liposuction for Gradeschoolers?

Mother from the UK gives 7-year old voucher for liposuction for Christmas (for her recent birthday, she got a voucher for breast implants).Read more:

Pink Slime

The term “mystery meat” is nothing new.  We’ve been using the term loosely when referring to cafeteria food for decades.  Recently, meat has gotten an all-together different nickname, “Pink Slime,” and it’s certainly heating things up in the proverbial cafeteria kitchen.Before we delve into the opinions on this debate, let’s define and call this stuff by its real name. The meat industry, including producers such asBeef Products Inc. and HRR Enterprises, Inc. call it Lean Finely Textured Beef, or LFTB....more