How to Make Cheap DIY Enamel Dots for Crafts

While browsing around Facebook, I found a post about making your own enamel dots for crafting, card making, etc. It seemed simple enough … so I thought I'd give it a whirl. ...more
These are gorgeous! I'd love to see what you end up doing with them.more

Fashion | My Style | April 2014

Photo Credits:Bomber Jacket, Tunic, Patterned Leggings, Purse - TopShop.comShoes, Necklace - Aldo.comScarf - H&

Gluten Free Banana & Bacon French Toast

Just stumbled across this and it looks incredible! I love anything made with bacon and will ...more

Upcoming Projects - Baking, Jewels & Project Life

Well I have been BUSY planning for the blog this week and have a LOT of great projects ready to start! Here are a few that I am working on! In the Kitchen...Macaroons! ...more

Weekly Photo Journal Process


The BEST Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Solution!

Ok, so I think it is the best... you may disagree, but give it a shot.One of the tragedies of not being able to eat wheat is missing bread. Manufacturers and bakers are getting better, but let's face it - gluten free bread still leaves you yearning for fresh out of the oven - REAL BREAD....more

Blog Planning online - for those of us who lose notebooks

In trying to organize my blog, I have looked all around for a perfect blog planner / editorial calendar. While there are a TON of pretty printable and bound books with blog planning pages, info about working with PR, etc - I couldn't get away from the fact that I lose things... ALL THE TIME. The other struggle is that I like to re-sort things a lot - which leads to the re-writing of pages, throwing out of books etc... ...more

DIY Glitter Tea Lights

Seriously... who doesn't love Pinterest. And candles. And glitter.After looking at a whole bunch of ways to make these pretty candle holders, I took a trip into town and picked up some supplies!...more
Very cute!more

How the game of LIFE really teaches life lessons

We live on the West Coast of Canada. While we don't have a lot of snow, we DO have a LOT of rain. Add to the mix that we live in a condo, it is easy for the 6-year-old to get restless. Lately we have discovered some old boardgames and I was shocked at the number of life lessons we covered off with (the even more aptly named in my books) - The game of LIFE....more