How Much Should You Charge for Advertising on Your Blog?

Ever get an email from a potential advertiser asking you what your ad rates and sizes are? ...more

Thanks for the link to the resource. I'm not yet at the point where I have the traffic to charge ...more

Can You Really Make Money from Your Blog with Affiliate Links?

The making-money-on-the-internet gurus preach that the key to making money from your blog is promote and sell products via affiliate links. Over the past six years, I’ve experimented with affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare and ShareASale, and did everything I was supposed to including doing product reviews and running sidebar affiliate ads. With the exception of Amazon Affiliates, where I usually earned $10-50 per month until Amazon dropped all their Colorado affiliates (more on that later) I made nothing. Why was that? ...more
Thanks for your overview as I've dabbled casually with Amazon for years but time to get seriousmore

You Can Get Your Blog on Kindle: Here's How

You can now publish your blog’s RSS feed for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store and Amazon will share revenue with you for every Kindle user who subscribes to your feed. ...more

Just checked and I have a whopping 15 readers and 2 trial subscriptions. The New York Times I am ...more

Should You Use the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program on Your Blog?

Recently, Amazon announced their new program Amazon Associates for Blogger, a direct integration between Amazon Associates, their affiliate program, and Blogger. This new collaboration makes it easier for bloggers to monetize their content by adding relevant Amazon product links to blog posts without interrupting the blog editing process. ...more
Its really very useful to add Amazon affiliate links and images to your site.You know about ...more

Should You Sell Links on Your Blog?

Recently, a Third Tribe forum thread by Matt of Health Blog Helper caught my eye. A company had offered him $80 to put a link to a running-related website in one of his old posts. Most people in the forum warned him that if Google figures out you are selling links, they will penalize you by lowering your page rank. Yet Third Tribe founder Darren Rowse wrote, “I understand some people need the money and are willing to take that risk.” ...more

Are you too Lijit to quit? A contest for bloggers

Stop by my blog, This Mama Cooks! On a Diet and learn about Lijit, a cool search tool widget, and enter my contest! All you have to do is install the Lijit widget on your blog (or blogs) to enter. ...more

5 reasons to blog your weight loss journey

I talk to writers about using blogs to promote their work. But why shouldn't blogging be used by those trying to lose weight and get healthy, too? Here's why you should incorporate blogging into your weight loss journey: 1. Exploring your emotions. Tracking what you eat, how many times you work out, and your weight is one thing. Blogging about how you feel - your emotions - can help you discover the triggers that cause you to overeat. Blogging is also a way to help you figure out why you have the relationship you do with your body and food. ...more

Win a holiday gift basket of children's books

Little, Brown and Company have given me a basket of books to give away to one of my readers at my blog, A Readable Feast. If you have children ages 0-6, there are some wonderful books including Toot & Puddle: Let It Snow and The Cranium Ultimate Book of Fantastic Fun & Games. Feel free to keep the books for yourself, or donate them to a teacher, library or your children's school. ...more

Watching Baby Einstein - The science behind the press release, lazy journalism, bias and mommy guilt

When I was pregnant with my daughter Lucie I saw a report in a pregancy magazine that said a study showed that if I eat fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids, my baby will sleep better. Sounded a little hard to believe, so I did my research and found the study only had 40 women in it. Hardly good science. ...more

What bloggers should know about copyright protection for their writing and photographs

You can borrow other's people content and pictures as long as you attribute and link, right? Well, not exactly. ...more