When I Grow Up

“When I grow up I’m going to be a police officer. But you won’t have to come and visit me because I’ll come home when it’s time for dinner.” He pauses. “But how will I know when dinner is ready?” There’s only one clear answer here, and it has nothing to do with whether or not he will still live with us when he’s old enough to be a police officer. “You could phone us…” I offer ....more

Snail Mail and a Minted Giveaway

Did you see that thing going around on Facebook in the first week of January? A bunch of people were posting that they’d send something by mail to the first 10 of their friends to comment and commit to posting the same in their status. I thought that was cool—an actual something in the mail! My mail is boring – I don’t even get paper bills anymore so it’s mostly just junk mail— so I posted it too ....more

How to Find Your Beauty

Two years ago I never would have posted a self-portrait here. A year ago I never would have posted a picture of me without makeup. Heck, a month ago I probably wouldn’t have. But today I’m going to change that. I’m not sure what’s changed, exactly, but it has something to do with spending less time caring and spending more time finding my own beauty ....more

Say What You Need to Say

I’ve been thinking a lot about resentment lately. I suppose that’s normal when your entry into motherhood is a crying-filled, sleepless smackdown and you subsequently have a second baby who offers you the sort of experience you expected to have when you became a mom. At least it’s normal for me. “This isn’t the experience with motherhood I wanted you to have,” I remember my mom saying to me one day while I cried on the phone to her when Connor ...more

Kiwi Crate: Crafts for the Uncrafty

Let’s just be honest: I suck at entertaining a four-year-old. I think I’ve reached my limit for LEGO and my attention span for playing cars is about 4 seconds. I’m really trying, but this is one part of motherhood I find totally hard ....more

Deep Breaths and Thank Yous

I do have a tendency to barf things out there, don’t I? Sometimes it just helps to put it out there instead of pretending things are okay and silently screaming. So, thank you. Thank you for listening and commenting and sending me messages to let me know you’re out there. It helps. It really does ....more

Grey Skies and Runaway Trains

It rained yesterday. We don’t get a lot of rain here. We get snow, which is mostly accompanied by brilliant sunshine, but grey skies are rare. It’s one of the reasons I love living here. Last week spring made a valiant effort to overtake winter. The sun shone, the temperature rose, and the mounds of snow by the sides of the roads melted. I was living in the sunshine and loving it. But over the last few days the skies have ...more

Good Times

If you turn left off our street and then drive just around a short bend, you’ll be driving straight towards a wall of mountains whose view fills the entire horizon. On a clear day every peak and every sheer face of ice and snow is visible. On a sunny day, the light actually reflects off of them ....more

2:40 a.m.

“Goodnight,” I say, kissing him. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Then a whispered plea. Please sleep. The chances of him sleeping from this 2:40 a.m. tuck-in until morning are next to none. The chances of him sleeping until 5 a.m. are…okay. I give it even odds. But he’s not likely to get to even 6 a.m. before waking up. Which means I’m going to be waking up. Again ....more

I’m Turning Into Jennifer Aniston

Any Friends fans out there? Did you ever hear that Jennifer Aniston ate the same salad for lunch every day for 10 years? I’m totally turning into her. (I wish.) Okay, so I’m not turning into Jennifer Aniston, but I am on a salad kick and I’ve been eating the same one for lunch an awful lot lately. It’s totally simple: ...more